That's our maintenance page up until we return in a few weeks time. Rest assured we will be working on during our downtime and will return better than ever.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can improve, please get in contact. We want this to be a community project, so you're feedback is very welcome.

The main development for when we're back will be a fully open-source website, where we encourage others to get involved to make improvements.

Watch this space!

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@jnktn_tv Just two things:

1. The new site will be open source, that's great. What stack/tooling are you guys planning on using? This kind of info would help potential contributors.

2. Have you guys thought of creating a live chat channel, perhaps using IRC or Matrix?

I only found out about JNKTN last week, and I enjoyed the live music stream on Saturday; so I hope to see you guys back soon.



1. We plan to use pretty basic HTML & CSS for the site, to help keep it simple. JavaScript is something we'll try to avoid.

We'll use GitLab for the CI/CD functionality then @codeberg for the hosting of the code.

2. I have not thought about this, but I think it's a great idea. I'll put something in place and have the details displayed on our profile.

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