With the schedule for this week now out, we're working on the schedule for the 15th.

Please get in contact if you'd like a slot or if you have any questions regarding what we'll host. Our email address is on our profile.

In general, we've been very music oriented so far, but we're keen to host more of a variety of shows. Let us know if you have an idea for something - we're all ears!

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Additional to this, we're also in need of people to help out on the production side.

Do you have experience with OBS and want to help us streamline our setup? Would you like to learn how we do things so that you can help out? Join us!

We dub as a 'community project', so the way we see it is that the more people involved, the better. Whatever experience you have, all are welcome.

Again, our email is on our profile if you'd like to get in contact.

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