Would you like to be involved in the Jnktn project in some way? Even if you don't fancy yourself in the line-up, there's various ways you can join in. We're on the lookout for those who can:

- Come up with ideas and suggestions for the project

- Help develop the website

- Lend a hand with our OBS production setup

- Create graphics, still or video, that we can incorporate into our broadcasts

DM us or send us an email (on profile) if interested. Don't be shy - we're a friendly bunch!

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Hey @eclectic! We would really appreciate if you can share some of your groovy tunes with us on @jnktn_tv and give the people a taste of what they’re missing in life!

PS: plzzz :blobfoxfloofcute:

@meisam @jnktn_tv name a time and a place! I love spinning, i love sharing the good word of gayness!

@eclectic Woww... I'm super exited! :ablobfoxbongo: We are usually online on Saturdays. Please send an email to the @jnktn_tv (address in its bio) and everything will be arranged.

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This is a brand new server run by the main developers of the project as a spin-off of 🐘 It is not focused on any particular niche interest - everyone is welcome as long as you follow our code of conduct!