Should probably post something to start 😃

I'm Jen, currently a lab analyst, working on a MS in computer science.

Interests include:
#horror (especially B-rated stuff)
#music (old school #goth)
#dragoncon #techops
#german #gaelic #asl

Be kind - the anxieties can be strong with this one!

@ghealach Hey there! So if you're not already following them @feditips and @FediFollows are great ones to follow because they'll frequently highlight new people and ideas and make a great way to grow your friends list with time. Also, @jnktn_tv is doing some great stuff with streaming, especially music. Maybe we should split times on my decks some night and do an old-school goth music stream!


@roadriverrail @ghealach @feditips @FediFollows We would absolutely LOVE a goth music stream! Very exciting.

@jnktn_tv @ghealach @feditips @FediFollows I should hit y'all up anyway...I am kinda slowly getting things together to Owncast some of my jam sessions and sets, mostly downtempo house to get started, but I'll want to branch out with time.

@roadriverrail @ghealach @feditips @FediFollows No problem at all! Just holla when you'd like a slot and we'll get you on :)

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