As disappointing as it may be, Jnktn is now in summer holiday mode. What does this mean? We're taking the next 4 weeks off and will return on Saturday 16th July.

Why, you ask? We've only be back for a few weeks, you exclaim! Well, since the Jnktn team is small, it's hard to get cover when folk are away on the Saturdays.

This is something we plan to resolve going forward, to make sure we have all the staff we need to go live each and every Saturday.


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Don't fret! We'll be using this time to make improvements to all aspects of the platform so that we return bigger and better than ever! Not only that, but we'll be returning to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Jnktn!

Rest assured that we'll make our next stream the best one yet! Our Xmas stream was 13 hours long, so we plan to improve on this and get as much on as we possibly can. We might even have some new shows down our sleeves!


So put Saturday 16th July in your calendars and make sure to keep your eyes out for any activity on our socials.

Thanks for all the support so far! We'll catch all you lovely people very soon!



Enjoy your break! 🏖️ 🍹

Looking forward to seeing you back in action!

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