@jnktn_tv I've been meaning to ask about the legend behind the audio wave in the logo of jnktn.tv... What adventures did the sample it depicts go through, to end up on that beautiful yellow background? Will i hear the correct pronunciation of "jnktn" if i manage to play it back? :009_smiling_face-web:

Looking forward to your feedback, with warm regards from summer-Sweden.

@setto So the idea came from a picture of one of the Jnktn crew, who was holding up a road sign with 'The Junction' on it, along with an arrow (had been 'borrowed' from the streets.

The audio wave is then supposed to represent the arrow, the background colour is similar to that of the original road sign, and even the font is the official font used on UK road signs.

So there you go! Also, 'Jnktn' is just pronounced like 'junction' :D

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