We hope all those that tuned in last week had a blast! Worry not - we return for more fun and frolics this Saturday 21st May!

We're LIVE!

Vera's Radio Show now playing, from now until 6pm UTC+1


We are live in 15 minutes, so grab your seats!

First up is Vera with her Radio Show.

- First hour, expect some house-y vibes
- Second hour, Vera's top 20 of this year's Eurovision contest. Expect the unexpected!

Get your shakers ready!


Are you a DJ, musician, radio host or just somebody that enjoys music? Would you like a slot with Jnktn.tv? We're looking for new people to join us in our mission to entertain!

Whether it's a mix, a show, a playlist of your favorite music, we're all ears. It can be a one-off or something more regular, live or prerecorded. No experience neccessary. Sounds interesting? Get in contact!

Roll up, roll up! Jnktn.tv returns this Saturday, and what a day we have planned for you lovely lot. The fun starts from 4PM UTC+1, so make sure you're about since we've got something for everyone!

Happy Saturday everyone! After a 5 month hiatus, we are happy to announce that Jnktn.tv is to return NEXT WEEK, on Saturday 14th May. Excited doesn't quite cut it!

Add us to your calendar and be there or be a regular quadrilateral, since this isn't one to miss! We're really looking forward to connecting with you all again.

Schedule released Monday.

The countdown begins!

Would you like to help out with the Jnktn.tv project? Well, these are the roles that we're looking for help with.

If you're interested at all, even if you don't have experience, head to jnktn.tv/help to find our detailed list of roles available.

The roles with the highest priority right now are the OBS Production Supervisors and Social Media Coordinator. If you like the sound of either, get in contact!

Hi all! After what seems like far too long, we're happy to announce that the Jnktn.tv project is set to return soon! There's still some preparation to be done, so we'll be announcing our return date later this week.

We have missed you all and are so excited to connect with you again when the time comes. We'll be sure to put on a great show, so keep your eyes peeled!

ROLL UP, ROLL UP! Set phasers to STUN! Make sure you're around for next Saturday's Jnktn goodness - the lineup really speaks for itself.

Along with Jnktn favorites, we welcome a NEW SHOW! A frequent and much appreciated member of the chat over the past several months, @hejowhat@fosstodon.org presents Hejo's Tunes from 1830 to 2000 UTC. It's set to be a belter!

Boosts are very much appreciated! We'd love for as many to join in the fun as possible on the day.

This Saturday, 13th November!

We're back this week with a BANG! @jumboshrimp starts the show with his Catch of the Week, then onto a welcome return of @rarepublic with Dance Attack with Ruffy.

This month we celebrate ONE YEAR of Unpopular Stream! Before the monthly slot returns for the 13th time, we give you a review of the previous 12.

Gary is back with more Citrus Club - expect the usual good music and banter, then onto Worky's set in the Rollerdisco from this week.

Don't miss out!

This Saturday, 30th October!

The Jnktn crew return after last week's break and have three great shows for you lot.

@jumboshrimp has his Catch of the Week up first with his recent picks, followed by Get Ready with Andrina - expect some Halloween themes for this one!

Back for his 21st Jnktn slot, Gary ends the show with his Citrus Club. He always brings the energy so why not join!

We hope you can make it.

This Saturday, 16th October!

With some of the Jnktn family away this week, Vera and @jumboshrimp return for their respective shows, followed by the usual madness of Gary's Citrus Club.

If you're about this Saturday, come join the fun!

This Saturday, 9th October!

Vera and jumboshrimp return for their respective radio shows, then we have the monthly Unpopular Stream back to present us with another hour of great music accompanied with a city walk.

ROLL UP, ROLL UP! After a week's break, the Jnktn crew are back and raring to go! The fun starts from 4PM UTC+1 this Saturday 2nd October.

Whether you've joined us before or not, make sure you're around for this one. We're a friendly bunch, as are the lovelies that frequent the chat, and we're eager to entertain so it should be a lot of fun!

TODAY, 18th September!

@rarepublic starts the show with Dance Attack with Ruffy - never one to miss!

Get Ready with Andrina returns this week after last week's belter - expect more of the same.

Worky finishes things off with a 3.5 hour set from the Buffy Club. You know what Worky is all about to make sure to tune in!


This Saturday 11th September!

Andrina returns from her holidays to start the Jnktn broadcast off this week, making sure you're ready for the evening ahead.

Monthly slot Unpopular Stream comes up next. Who knows which city we'll be walking through this time, accompanied with the usual fantastic track selection.

@gabek@mastodon.social is a usual in the Jnktn chat, but this week he graces us a TWO HOUR LIVE DJ SET. We're not sure what to expect but DON'T MISS OUT!

Really looking forward to Saturday!

Tomorrow, 4th September!

Even with some of the Jnktn crew away on their holidays this week we still have a great lineup for you beautiful people!

@rarepublic starts the show with Dance Attack with Ruffy - expect the usual fun!

Then we present a review of the Morgenland Festival Osnabruck which has dedicated itself since 2005 to the fascinating music culture of the Near and Middle East.

Finally, Gary finishes the night off with his Citrus Club.

Join us if you're about!

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