This Saturday 31st July!

JC kicks things off this week with JC's Juice Box, followed by the wonderful and high energy @rarepublic with Dance Attack with Ruffy.

Get Ready with Andrina follows, helping you apply various products to look fabulous with the usual backdrop of great tuneage, then onto Jnktn staple Gary's Citrus Club.

To finish things off we'll have the recording of Worky fae Rollerdisco from earlier in the week.

Looking good!

This Saturday 24th July!

Vera returns for her Radio Show, then onto the newly named 'Catch of the Week' from @jumboshrimp.

From 8 - 10 we have 'Worky fae Rollerstop', this time we join him LIVE for what will be the usual great track selection with the backdrop of a roller disco.

To finish things of we have the familiar face of Gary, no doubt with an eclectic mix of indie / rock and alternative.

Should be a goodun!

This Saturday, 17th July!

'@jumboshrimp's Radio Show' starts things off, then @rarepublic's fortnightly 'Dance Attack with Ruffy' comes after to get you in the party mood as usual.

A NEW SHOW this week in the form of 'JC's Juice Box', which has JC present some of his favourite tunes - this week we dive into his picks of trance anthems.

Then onto the fantastic 'Gary's Citrus Club' with his typically great selection and then the recording of Worky at his residency at Rollerstop from this week

This Saturday, 10th July!

The hangovers from last week are only just now starting to subside, so THE SHOW MUST GO ON. This week we have a show dedicated to the likes of Isfar Sarabski, Unpopular Stream returns for the usual good tunes in places of interest, then fond favorites from our Andrina and Gary.

Hope you can make it!

This Saturday we celebrate ONE YEAR of! Come join us on this special day for a full 12 hours of fun, starting this time from 1pm UK / UTC+1.

We'll start things off with 'Jnktn Year 1 Review', giving you an overview of the shows we've had over the past 12 months. Then, onto the shows you know and have grown to love!

We really hope you can come and celebrate with us on Saturday. There's no doubt that this will shape up to be something special!

This Saturday!

@rarepublic returns to Jnktn with a two hour set to start things off. We loved it the first time so we're excited to have him back.

Then we move onto a compilation of various releases from 'Look Mum No Computer', the self-described inventor and musician. Following that we have Jnktn regulars Andrina and Worky with their respective shows.

Not one to miss!

This Saturday on!

Some familiar faces return in the form of Vera and @jumboshrimp with their respective shows as well as the monthly Unpopular Stream. Then the usual Gary's Citrus Club followed by a live DJ set from Worky to finish the broadcast off.

As usual, we hope you can make it! The fun starts from 4PM UK / UTC+1.

This Saturday!

We welcome our new streamer this week, the one and only @rarepublic! We're very excited to have him start proceedings with Dance Attack with Ruffy.

"Turn up the volume, get out your dancing shoes and enjoy the best of energetic dance-music"

Sounds like a belter! Fabs has for you a curated playlist, then we have regulars Andrina and Gary. Get Ready with Andrina this week goes all out 80s and the Citrus Club brings you the usual mix.

Join us from 6pm (UK / UTC+1)!

This Saturday!

We have a new format of show with 'My Life in Music', which gives a chronological overview of the music the host has listened to in their life, this week starting off with @jumboshrimp.

Gary's Citrus Club runs as usual with his top picks of indie tunes from yesteryear, then Worky ends his hiatus and returns with a DJ mix to finish things off.

Hope you can make it! The fun starts at 6PM UK time (UTC+1)

This Saturday!

Eurovision fans rejoice! We'll be streaming the popular European song contest and providing you our own commentary as the show progresses. You can also expect games.

We'll try out a Jnktn 'room' for those of you'd who want to join in on our commentary and each participant will be allocated a country for the evening. We'll aim to make this as fun as possible (even for those who dislike Eurovision).

Gary's Citrus Club starts us off beforehand to help get us in the mood!

This Saturday!

Vera takes a break this week from her Radio Show, so along with the usual slots from Andrina and Gary we have something new. Tune in from 5pm for 'Welcome to the TreeHaus' with @jumboshrimp & Fabs. We're not sure what this will entail, but you can bet your bottom dollar it'll be an adventure.

We've had to make a slight change to the schedule. Get Ready with Andrina and Gary's Citrus Club now on an hour earlier, and Unpopular Stream on for the last hour.

See you then!


Here's what we have in store for this Saturday 8th May. All familiar faces, raring to go after our absence. Join us from 4PM (UTC+1) to join in the fun. Should be a goodyin!

Schedule for this Saturday 3rd April. This is our last broadcast before we take a break. Details of this break can be seen on our pinned post and its attached thread.


The usual variety of musical goodness to entertain you this weekend. We hope you can come join us. The fun as usual kicks off at 4PM UTC.


The fun starts from 4PM UTC. Hope you can join us!

This Saturday we celebrate with a Woman's Day special - featuring an all female line-up of shows.

The usual great mix of this and that. We welcome back @th4, feature two new playlists and even have (albeit brief) spoken word for you all to enjoy.

We hope you can make it!

The woman in the background of the poster is Angela Davis - an American political activist, philosopher, academic and author. Look her up!

Here's the schedule again for today. We hope you can make it for a show or two!

THIS SATURDAY - another great mix of shows to help entertain you in these strange times. It's great to see so many LIVE shows! Tune in from 4PM UTC on the 27th join the fun. Whatever music tickles your fancy, we should, as always, have something for everyone.

After our break last week, here's what we have on THIS Saturday. The fun starts from 4PM UTC. Hope you can join us for a show or two! A nice selection this weekend, so hopefully something for everyone. More details to come.

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