We've had to make a slight change to the schedule. Get Ready with Andrina and Gary's Citrus Club now on an hour earlier, and Unpopular Stream on for the last hour.

See you then!


Here's what we have in store for this Saturday 8th May. All familiar faces, raring to go after our absence. Join us from 4PM (UTC+1) to join in the fun. Should be a goodyin!

Schedule for this Saturday 3rd April. This is our last broadcast before we take a break. Details of this break can be seen on our pinned post and its attached thread.


The usual variety of musical goodness to entertain you this weekend. We hope you can come join us. The fun as usual kicks off at 4PM UTC.


The fun starts from 4PM UTC. Hope you can join us!


This Saturday we celebrate with a Woman's Day special - featuring an all female line-up of shows.

The usual great mix of this and that. We welcome back @th4, feature two new playlists and even have (albeit brief) spoken word for you all to enjoy.

We hope you can make it!


The woman in the background of the poster is Angela Davis - an American political activist, philosopher, academic and author. Look her up!

Here's the schedule again for today. We hope you can make it for a show or two!

THIS SATURDAY - another great mix of shows to help entertain you in these strange times. It's great to see so many LIVE shows! Tune in from 4PM UTC on the 27th join the fun. Whatever music tickles your fancy, we should, as always, have something for everyone.


After our break last week, here's what we have on THIS Saturday. The fun starts from 4PM UTC. Hope you can join us for a show or two! A nice selection this weekend, so hopefully something for everyone. More details to come.


Coming up this Saturday, we have a great selection for you all to enjoy. This week we have some firm favourites mixed with some new shows.

New this time is a live music coding session from @th4, a new show from @meisam, 'Show Me What You Got - Turkey', and @jumboshrimp this time hosts our very first request show.

Tune in to listen to the usual greatness of @Jazzaria and the return of @v3n3ti4n's 'The Essence of Mayhem', as well as Vera's Radio Show. We hope you can join us!

And now the schedule for this Saturday! This week we have a couple live radio shows, as well as a selection of submitted playlists.

We hope you can come join us! Last week was really good fun, and the chat was kickin'. All welcome! Things kick off at 4PM UTC.


Roll up, roll up! We start our year off with a fine selection of performances this coming Saturday. A wide variety of music to get you jiving and grooving this weekend, including a selection of performances from here, there and everywhere!

This Saturday we host our LONGEST broadcast to date, with the highest number of shows we've had on a single day. TWELVE hours of power! We really hope you can join us, even if for a show or two.

The chat will be open as always for all who attend!

We're live in 30 minutes! Vera's Radio Show today also features @jumboshrimp. Expect a mix of previously played tracks, Christmas tunes and some uplifting. Another 3 hours of power today!

Today's stream also features adaptive bitrates, so give us a try if you've previously been unable to load the stream. OwnCast FTW!


THIS WEEKEND - our last planned stream of the year! Be sure to tune in and join us for our CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.

Live in 10! Vera's Radio Show will be a mix of pop-punk, rock etc. - basically the tunes we listened to as angsty teenagers back in the day. Hope you can join us.


Today's schedule. The party starts at 1800 UTC! Got quite a mix of broadcasters today, which should be a bit more chilled than previous weeks.

All welcome to tune in and join the chat. Be there or be square!

Saturday's schedule will be put out tomorrow, while we finalise it with our broadcasters.

Join us this Saturday for the usual Jnktn antics. A mixture of old and new performances to make up a solid lineup and keep you shaking it wherever you're at. Catch us from 4PM UTC / GMT. As always, the stream and chat will be open to all. Let us know if you'd like to be involved in upcoming weekends.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to yesterday's livestream and to those that tuned in. Really enjoyed it!

Today's stream starts in ONE HOUR! Vera kicks things off with her Radio Show, today a mix of 90s dance anthems to get the party started! As always, the chat will be open and we would love to see you.

Jnktn.tv starts the weekend in 15 minutes!

First up, from 1800 - 2000 UTC is @jumboshrimp's Radio Show - today a mix of 60 and 70s rock, psy-rock and bluesy beats.

Come join the chat if you're able to and let us know how your week was. We're a welcoming bunch!


This is shaping up to be the most exciting weekend of Jnktn.tv we've had yet! A full schedule this weekend, giving you lucky lot a real variety to help Make Weekends Great Again.

This is the first week we've had Mastodon users contribute, so a very warm welcome to them! Really looking forward to it.

Pop in whenever we're live and we'll make sure to make you feel at home.

As usual, if you'd like a slot yourself, get in contact. We're always on the lookout for people to join.

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