@meisam Haha! Appreciate the kind message - feeling much better today.

@dominicm thanks Dominic! Feeling much better today. Have a good one!

Hi all! Unfortunately I'm not feeling well, so I will have to cancel today's Jnktn goodness. I'll make sure that next weekend makes up for it! Apologies for the late notice.

Hi everybody. Happy Friday! Schedule is still yet to be made up, but this week we will run on Saturday only. I'll get it made up as quickly as I can, so you know who to tune into tomorrow.

Links to the recordings from Friday 

@meisam Thanks for the feedback! We do try for high quality, and that is helped with the great connection we have (500 up and down).

That's us for this weekend. Thanks go out to all who played with us and all who tuned in. I can gladly say that this weekend has again been out best yet - more performers and more listeners.

We already have a lot to offer for next weekend, so clear your calendars and join us for more fun!

If you would like a slot with us, please get in contact - we'd love to accommodate you! Email in profile.



Another mix we've had before but something I'm sure people will enjoy. Tune in!


NOW ON: Shot Your Shot

Glasgow based DJs now present us with a mix of theirs we originally streams a few months back. Great tunes for the next one hour! Come join the chat and let us know how to you are! It's SATURDAY, baby!


Thanks to Fabs for the last hour of reggae.

NEXT UP: Shoot Your Shot. This is a DJ performance for a few months back that we thought would be appreciated. Tune in!


Massive thanks to @Jazzaria for the last two hours. A great feeling to have so many folk tuned in and interested, and we look forward to next weeks' stream.

NOW PLAYING: Jnktn.tv Resident Radio with Fabs. 1h of reggae!


Now on: Jazzaria - Improv Sessions. A couple of sessions for @Jazzaria's Twitch streams that they have submitted to us. Really great stuff!


NOW PLAYING: @Jazzaria

The second person from the Mastodon community to broadcast with us. Expect a variety of pieces of their own for the next hour!

Come say hi!


That's the first 30 minutes of Vera's Radio Show done with! Plenty of viewers today which is great, so hello to those tuned in. If you wanna come along!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to yesterday's livestream and to those that tuned in. Really enjoyed it!

Today's stream starts in ONE HOUR! Vera kicks things off with her Radio Show, today a mix of 90s dance anthems to get the party started! As always, the chat will be open and we would love to see you.

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