NOW LIVE: Mrrrkk, with a Daft Punk special. Tune in to celebrate the awesomeness of Daft Punk! On till 'late'!

Thanks to Andrina for the last hour, and to all those tuned in. Things are most definitely heating up!

NEXT UP: Gary's Citrus Club - a new show this week! A great mix of tunes you might have expected from a club of the same name in Edinburgh which has since closed its doors. Indie tunes peppered with great songs here and there.

Tune in!

The last hour has been great! We're really in the party mood now! Thanks to our Austrian friend for that playlist.

NEXT UP: V3n3ti4n's Indie Show. An hour of his indie favorites to entertain you.

Come say hi!

Thanks to Vera for the last 2 hours. That was her first time DJing, and we think that was excellent. Great way to start today's broadcast.

NEXT UP: 56 Minutes. A playlist submitted to us from a dear friend in Austria. A mix of this and that to get you shaking it.

We are LIVE! Come check us out if you fancy - the chat is open and we have a good amount of folk there already. Good tunes with good company!

Here's the schedule again for today. We hope you can make it for a show or two!

Gary's Citrus Club
Gary revisits the hedonistic days of Edinburgh’s Citrus Club. Expect good music, but in a cleaner atmosphere.

jumboshrimp - DnB Special
jumboshrimp tries his hand at at a live Drum and Bass DJ set, including a mix of the freshest beats and some timeless classics.

Mrrrkk - Daft Punk
A live DJ set to celebrate the greatness of Daft Punk.


Show thread

We're live in just under ONE HOUR from 4PM UTC today. Here's what's on:

Vera's Radio Show
This week Vera plays some of her favorite deep house tunes to to.

56 Minutes
A playlist of tunes to get you in the mood for a wild one.

V3n3ti4n's Indie Show
A trip down memory lane to cover some of his favourite indie tracks from the past 2 decades.

Get Ready with Andrina
Grab a drink and get ready to get ready with Andrina - today a mix of RnB hits.


Women of the Fediverse! We are due to celebrate Woman's Day with a broadcast on either the 6th or 13th of March and are looking for an all-female lineup for the occasion. Are you interested in having a slot or being involved in some way?

Although we've been almost entirely music oriented thus far, we are looking for as much variety as possible so are keen for anything creative that we can help showcase. Music, spoken word, art, craft - whatever you got, we want to hear from you! DM/email us.

THIS SATURDAY - another great mix of shows to help entertain you in these strange times. It's great to see so many LIVE shows! Tune in from 4PM UTC on the 27th join the fun. Whatever music tickles your fancy, we should, as always, have something for everyone.

Video and audio uploads from our broadcast on Saturday are imminent! It was another fun evening for us at Jnktn HQ and we hope all those that tuned in enjoyed what we had to offer.

We're in the process of finalising the schedule for this Saturday (27th), which looks to be another great variety of music based shows.

If you fancy your own slot on our platform for a future broadcast, don't hesitate to get in contact! Our email is on our profile and we'd love to hear from you.

NOW PLAYING: Show Me What You Got - Italy. A mix of tunes to give you an idea of music from the great nation of Italy. Tune in!

NOW PLAYING: Unpopular Stream. A great mix of tunes you might otherwise not hear. Tune in and say hi. As before, we're a friendly bubch.

Thanks so much to everyone who has tuned in so far!

Now Playing: Get Read with Andrina. Get out your make up and put on your dancing shoes and have a boogie to some 90s dance classics!

Now on: @jumboshrimp's Radio Show. Today he has a selection of psychedelic and blues rock. Come join if you can! On for the next 2 hours.

Thanks to all tuned in! One hour left of Vera's Radio Show.

We are LIVE! Come tune into Vera's Radio Show for her selection of Eurovision bangers for the first 2 hours.

The chat is open as always and we're a friendly bunch.

Unpopular stream
A journey through partly chaotic and relatively upbeat corners of the vibrational cosmos

Show Me What You Got - Italy
This second show in this series, which provides a selection of music from a given country. This week we have Italy.


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