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Our first donation came in this week, which is extremely encouraging!

Due to the small size of the project at the moment, we do cover most of the costs ourselves, but to make it more sustainable we ask for a small sum each month to contribute.

If you like what we do and want to support us going forward, spare us the price of a coffee if you're able and it will go a long way. It will serve as a massive boost for us, what we do and what we plan to do.

This is shaping up to be the most exciting weekend of we've had yet! A full schedule this weekend, giving you lucky lot a real variety to help Make Weekends Great Again.

This is the first week we've had Mastodon users contribute, so a very warm welcome to them! Really looking forward to it.

Pop in whenever we're live and we'll make sure to make you feel at home.

As usual, if you'd like a slot yourself, get in contact. We're always on the lookout for people to join.

It's only Monday and already we have some exciting performances booked in for the coming weekend. Really excited!

If you fancy a slot on our platform, don't hesitate to get in contact! However simple or advanced - from a simple music playlist to a theatrical performance - we're on the lookout for it all.

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Hi everybody! We're looking for people to broadcast with us. Are you a DJ, radio host, musician, artist or somebody else creative with something in either live or prerecorded audio and/or video format? We need you!

We broadcast on Fridays and Saturdays and are looking to start booking people in either for a one-off or for a regular spot.

It's completely free ofc, and we would be happy to help advertise and promote the work of those that broadcast with us.

Email for more info (on profile).

Here are the videos from yesterday's performances. It was a great day, so thanks again to those that tuned in, joined the chat and/or provided feedback for us. - 14th November 2020

Vera's Radio Show Resident Radio w/ Fabs

Hometown Promotion Soundsystem

All Night Passion


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Had a great time listening to the live (and #opensource powered) #art and #music stream from @jnktn_tv today - and super excited to join them next weekend! Details TBD, but expect both some of my tracks and some live #piano improv.

Thank you so much to everybody who tuned in this weekend! We had a great reaction which is a great boost. We will endeavour to have a variety for you next weekend.

As always we value your suggestions, opinions and general feedback, so do not hesitate to get in contact.


Next up, to finish us off for the night we have Worky. This is the perfect way to finish off a really positive week for us. Thanks go out to everyone who has joined the chat and provided suggestions. What a pleasure it is to have you!

Half hour left of the disco tunes provided by All Night Passion. Tune in!

Next up we have All Night Passion from Aberdeen. A great mix of disco tunes for your Saturday evening. More tunes to get you dancing in your seat!

If anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, has a show they want to broadcast, a playlist they want played or they have a suggestion or feedback for anything Jnktn related, PLEASE get in contact!

Out ultimate aim here is to involve as many as we can, to help entertain as many as we can.

Thanks to Fabs for the last hour of hip-hop goodness. Now we go to Hometown Promotion Soundsystem. Expect reggae for the next hour.

Live now! Fabs' Radio Show. Tune in for some hip-hop beats and such.

Up next we have Resident Fabs with his hip-hop playlist. Expect English, French and Italian language tunes and more.

Just under 1 hour left of Vera's Radio Show. We have a good number of listeners today so come join the chat and tell us how you are!

Now live! Come join Vera's Radio Show for some tunes to shake your booty to!

Starting at 4pm UTC/GMT today we have a great line up of performances for you lot to enjoy.

Expect to shake your body with Vera's Radio Show to kick us off.

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