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We're live in 30 minutes! Vera's Radio Show today also features @jumboshrimp. Expect a mix of previously played tracks, Christmas tunes and some uplifting. Another 3 hours of power today!

Today's stream also features adaptive bitrates, so give us a try if you've previously been unable to load the stream. OwnCast FTW!


We aim to have a video hosting solution put in place as soon as possible. If anybody would like a copy of a previous recording, please let us know and we'll do our best to get it to you however possible.

Once we do have a solution in place, we will not be uploading ALL previous videos, so the same applies if there are any recordings that we don't end up re-uploading. I do keep a copy of everything!

Hope this doesn't cause any inconvenience! See yous tomorrow for the Christmas/holiday stream!

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Hi everybody! In order to support adaptive bitrates for our stream, which will help those who haven't been able to watch our streams due to lower connection speeds, we will be switching to different streaming software.

What does this mean? Well, the stream itself should remain exactly as it was. The one big change is that will no longer be able to host the recordings of the streams. Links to previous recordings will no longer be valid.

THIS WEEKEND - our last planned stream of the year! Be sure to tune in and join us for our CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.

Live in 10! Vera's Radio Show will be a mix of pop-punk, rock etc. - basically the tunes we listened to as angsty teenagers back in the day. Hope you can join us.

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I've still got a little over an hour left on the KrakenFury Radio stream hosted by @jnktn_tv


Tune in and join the chat if you can. Help give us ideas for future streams. We've already discussed the possibility of a cooking show - how hilarious could that be? Either way - come say hi!

Live in 15 minutes! @jumboshrimp starts us off today with 90s/00s RnB. Tune in if you can and join the chat to say hello!

Today's schedule. The party starts at 1800 UTC! Got quite a mix of broadcasters today, which should be a bit more chilled than previous weeks.

All welcome to tune in and join the chat. Be there or be square!

Saturday's schedule will be put out tomorrow, while we finalise it with our broadcasters.

The schedule for this week will be up shortly! Been a busy one and haven't had the time. Safe to say we have another great weekend ahead, with broadcasts today and tomorrow - business as usual.

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