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Thanks so much to @th4 for the last hour. It was great to have a live performance, especially one which combines music with code.

NOW PLAYING: @Jazzaria with some of their own music. Another 15 mins or so of this, then one of their improv sessions to keep us going until 2000 UTC.

Come join in the fun!

NOW PLAYING: @th4 with a live music coding session. Really great and interesting stuff! Come tune in and say hi.

We are LIVE! If you're a fan of metal and good company, come join us.

45 mins before our weekly broadcast begins! We've got a GREAT lineup today, so hope you can come join in on the fun, even if just for a show or two.

Vera as usual kicks things off with her Radio Show - today a mix of metal tracks to get you thrashing in your chair. See you there!

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This week on the @jnktn_tv we are kicking off a new series called “Show Me What You Got” for listening to non-English songs and discovering new bands from various countries. Join us tonight (6 Feb. 21:00 UTC) for the first show in this series which is my selection of Turkish rock songs garnished with a couple of spicier ones. [Thanks @nemo for helping with the English subs.]

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The fine folks at @jnktn_tv have kindly invited me to be part of their show tomorrow.
I haven't decided yet what I'm gonna play (although it's probably going to be a potpourri of what I usually play), but what I know for sure is that it will be at 6PM UTC on !

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It's #BandcampFriday, and my new EP is out! Spacewave goodness, slow, calm, like drifting through space.

Here's the links to the video and audio recordings from last week's Jnktn goodness. Apologies for the delay again. Video recordings will be taken down in a week's time, but audio recordings will remain on Mixcloud.

Vera's Radio Show

jumboshrimp's Radio Show

Get Ready with Andrina


We're planning on having a Women's stream in March to help celebrate Women's Day, which lies on the 8th. With that being a Monday, we aim for either the 6th or the 13th.

We have a few ladies that might be interested, but we need MORE. The aim would be to get as many women on the broadcast as we can fit, and we would promote donations to a women's cause on the day.

Are you a woman, or know a woman that might be interested? It can be musical or creative in other ways. Get in contact!

Coming up this Saturday, we have a great selection for you all to enjoy. This week we have some firm favourites mixed with some new shows.

New this time is a live music coding session from @th4, a new show from @meisam, 'Show Me What You Got - Turkey', and @jumboshrimp this time hosts our very first request show.

Tune in to listen to the usual greatness of @Jazzaria and the return of @v3n3ti4n's 'The Essence of Mayhem', as well as Vera's Radio Show. We hope you can join us!

Like music? Want your own radio show? We're always looking for people to join us! It can be pre-recorded or live, a simple playlist or a show with commentary, regular or a one-off. However you want to do it, we want to hear from you! Email on our profile.

Audio and video recordings from Saturday will be uploaded as soon as possible and the the schedule for the coming broadcast will be released tomorrow. We're yet again changing our setup to ensure we have less issues this week, so do bear with us for now.

All going well, it should mean that things go better moving forward, and then we can keep to a stricter timetable of releasing recordings and upcoming schedules. Fingers crossed! This project is still a one man band for now...

Well that's us for another week. Hope all who tuned in had a good time. Today was riddled with various tech issues, but you live and learn, so we'll be patching those up for next week.

Thanks to all who tuned in and all who submitted shows. If you'd like to have a show with us at all, get in contact. We are always looking for new people to join us, whatever they have to offer.

Peace, love and all the best! Hope your Sunday goes slow and the next work week goes fast! See you Saturday.

NOW: The Essence of Mayhem. @v3n3ti4n has put together a playlist of tracks to help finish out broadcast off for the day. Expect techno and heavier for the next 2 hours. Great tracks to get you shaking that booty! Tune and and tell us how you are.

NOW: Resident Radio with Fabs. A mix of electronic tunes to get you grooving this Saturday. Tune in, join the chat and chill with us for the next hour.

NOW: Get Ready with Andrina! Andrina has a mix of great tunes and is literally 'getting ready' in her broadcast, applying makeup and the like as if we were on our way out to the clubs, (and we weren't in a lockdown). A great idea! Hope you can join us for the next 45!

One hour to go of @jumboshrimp's Radio Show. Apologies for the technical issues at the start - the production setup shat the bed as soon as the show started. Anyways, back on track and loving the hip hop vibez so far. Tune in and join the fun!

Now time for @jumboshrimp's Radio Show. Today a mix of 90s hip hop. One moment while we set that up.

WARNING: The following broadcast will contain music which may very well offend, so please keep this in mind if you tune in. Of course, the views expressed in the music does not reflect that of us or of @jumboshrimp

30 minutes to go of Vera's Radio Show. Thanks to all who have been tuned in! A bit of foreign language cheese never goes amiss!

Up at 6PM UTC we have @jumboshrimp's Radio Show. Today he will put together a mix of his fav 90s hip hop tunes. Hope you can join us!

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