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NOW PLAYING: Get Ready with Andrina

Get your makeup supplies to hand, because Andrina will now guide you through a full routine to 'get ready'.

This is a Jnktn archive recording, so not live, but if you've not seen Andrina before, this is a good introduction to her streams.

NOW PLAYING: Dance Attack with Ruffy

Some lo-fi beats to help get you chlled. Tune in!

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NOW PLAYING: Vera's Radio Show

Today she has for us some ambiant and epic tunes.

LIVE in 15 minutes!

Grab yourself a drink and a nice snack get ready to be entertained. An 11 hour broadcast today, so plenty to see. Happy Saturday!

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We hope all those that tuned in last week had a blast! Worry not - we return for more fun and frolics this Saturday 21st May!

Recordings from last Saturday 14th May. Sorry for the delay in releasing these!

Please note that video uploads will remain online for 7 DAYS ONLY before being taken down. Audio recordings will stay permanently on our Mixcloud.

Vera's Radio Show


Dance Attack with Ruffy


jumboshrimp's Catch of the Week



If you'd like to watch or listen back to Saturday's shows, video and audio recordings will be uploaded tomorrow.

We hope all those that tuned in last week had a blast! Worry not - we return for more fun and frolics this Saturday 21st May!

Good morning party people! Hope the heads are OK this morning... 😊

THANK YOU everybody for tuning in yesterday. It meant the world to us to return, and you made it possible to return in style.

It's great to connect with people and spread the love!

More to come next week 😃

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Today's recommended follows:

🌟 @sarahboeving - Pixel artist who often features pop culture and video games, recreates levels from Pokemon

🌟 @gmonamy - Photographer, takes lovely pictures of wildlife including birds and other creatures

🌟 @lynxz - Cookery fan from Sweden, posts pictures and descriptions of food (including meat dishes)

🌟 @andrealuck - Processes photos from spacecraft to make them clearer and more spectacular

🌟 @fossasia - Organisation promoting Libre software in Asia


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If you enjoy music but you're not a Eurovision fan 😮 , there's a night of alternative music just getting started over on @jnktn_tv going on right now and carrying on for several hours: 🎧

It's powered by the Fediverse platform @owncast

(Technically the jnktn server is not federating yet, but it shows what Owncast is capable of 👍 and you can follow them on their Mastodon account at @jnktn_tv)

#Music #Fediverse #FediTips #Eurovision #Alternatives

Fancy a warmup for Eurovision tonight? Vera is now going through her top 20 of THIS YEAR's entries, including those that didn't make the final. Why not join us?

We're LIVE!

Vera's Radio Show now playing, from now until 6pm UTC+1

We are live in 15 minutes, so grab your seats!

First up is Vera with her Radio Show.

- First hour, expect some house-y vibes
- Second hour, Vera's top 20 of this year's Eurovision contest. Expect the unexpected!

Get your shakers ready!

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