One thing I *am* looking at doing over the weekend is migrating posts from Wordpress into my very lovely new blog at - but this may require quite some pretty serious head-scratching and mangling of Python scripts.

For those that have no idea - I've been writing a ever since the term was coined. I have somehow managed to keep hold of pretty much everything written since 2003, and will one day subject my children to it :)

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@jonbeckett The new blog is NOT wordpress. Wordpress is not that fast.

What rocket engine is this?

@paulkater the new blog is a static site - generated by Jekyll/Netlify from a GitHub repository. It's a very different way of writing - just writing markdown files, and checking them into a repository at GitHub. 20 seconds later the site automagically re-builds itself.

@jonbeckett That's nifty!! Thank you for that information.
Does it have comment options as well? (That is often an issue with static sites.) Or do you plan this to be a read-only blog?

@paulkater I'm undecided about the value of comments on anything on the internet - too many people use as an avenue to pollute your content with adverts to something of their own - or to further their agenda in some way. (People ruin everything)

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