@jonbeckett When you're not procrastinating about blogging platforms, you're procrastinating about meta ToDo's. Just like me :-)

@andyc Seriously though - I love the IDEA of Notion, but end up thinking "why not just throw ALL of this in Google Docs?" lol

@jonbeckett Notion looks nice and I'm actually interested in knowledge management and effective information sharing.

$WORK uses Confluence. Or rather - we don't. Many people send large Word attachments in email :-(
@jonbeckett Yeah - many features of Google Docs are great and simple to use but committing sensitive, corporate data into that repository will meet with a lot of resistance.

@andyc I work on a couple of European projects, and whenever "the cloud" is mentioned, you can almost see frost forming around the room - along with a quiet "nope" from everybody involved :)

@jonbeckett Not at Oracle. Whenever 'Cloud' is mentioned, sales guys leap out of their virtual Zoom seats, start foaming at the mouth and exclaim 'Hey - you can have $150,000 free credits !'

Seriously, we deploy 'Cloud' but it's so locked down with firewalls, white/black lists, MFA, groups, roles and privileges, it's probably way more secure than the original on-premise application.

The most telling opening question is:-

'Well, who can currently see what ?'

Deafening silence :-)

@andyc most governmental stuff seems to fall over at the question "where are the servers the data is stored on, and can you guarantee that?". The most memorable one involved a specific function of Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) that caused the workflow to go to the US to get the work done. That didn't fly.

@jonbeckett VPN access to any UK Government project was often problematic.

'No - You need SC clearance. No - You need our pre-configured, IT approved locked down laptop. No - you need to come into the bunker. No - you need to be escorted to the toilet'.

March 2020 - Covid lockdown.

Miraculously all of these barriers evaporated and we instantly had the VPN access to had been politely requesting for the past 8 years.
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