In other news, today MIGHT be the day I switch from Jekyll to Hugo for my personal blog. First I have to learn how Hugo works.

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@jonbeckett good luck. i am not much help to you, but i switched my blog from writeFreely to hugo. I miss the activitypub integration, but hugo has some pretty themes and cool programmer thingy's you can do with it.

@e88 yes - I'll be using Netlify to publish the eventual mess I create, but to begin with I need to read up on it a bit.

@jonbeckett cool. i've never really heard about this netlify so i'll be watching what you're up to see how it works. looks neat.

@e88 I use Netlify for Jekyll at the moment - it works very well. You can build locally to test, and then check the source into Github to get Netlify to re-build the site. The feedback in Netlify is great too - it gives you a live view of the terminal output during the build process.

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