I may be absent from the internet for quite some time over the bank holiday weekend, on account of several aircraft being released for Microsoft Flight Simulator (I started messing around with it during the pandemic, and it's become a pretty engrossing rabbit-hole).

p.s. If I'm ever on an aircraft and a crew member rushes from the cockpit asking for anybody that can fly it, I will put my hand up, and ask for some clean trousers in advance lol

I thought it might be interesting to see the relative size (in terms of users) of the various instances of (data from instances.social).

Welcome to my desk - and yes - that is a bullet journal, even though I am surrounded by Outlook, ToDo, Trello, OneNote, Teams, Planner, and who knows what else :)

Best use of a raspberry pi ever :) Because who doesn't want an Amiga sitting in the corner of the room, reminding you (a) how far ahead of the curve they were, and (b) how little progress has been made since :)


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