new iPhone 13 looks nice, but it's not really an upgrade for me from the 12. So perhaps next year. I think Apple knows people think that way, and that's ok. It's a nice upgrade from, say, an iPhone X though. Phones seem to be on a 2-3 year upgrade cycle now for my friends anyway.

I <3 iOS 15 so far. Totally love it. New Maps look great. :)

Seeking recommendations for a color laser printer that works well with macOS/iOS. (I know most should, but..) - I am@so done with inkjets

Disappointed that the court ruled against Locast. Greedy media kills yet another excellent product. :(

Hard to believe that 20 years have gone by.

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Has anyone used DeleteMe or any other service to get your private info off the internet/data broker sites? Curious what solutions are out there, as, from what I read, it requires a lot of upkeep to do it and monitor things yourself.

Heading out on a much needed road trip and a break from social media.

Another rapidly growing wildfire east of Sacramento, CA. 🔥🔥😞

Techcrunch's article seems to lean that way too - that this is a workaround due to enormous government pressure to weaken encryption.

Also: I am not saying I support this change, however I understand that it may be inevitable. I would not be at all surprised to see future Android releases doing the same thing.

Apple themselves have explained it further.

I wonder if they may simply not have much of a choice in the matter anymore, and this is Apple making a move before the government forces it by law.

This is a good read about the recent Apple/CSAM issue.

"If you don’t use iCloud Photo Library, none of this applies to you. If you do use iCloud Photo Library, this detection is only applied to the images in your photo library that are synced to iCloud.."

Apple’s New ‘Child Safety’ Initiatives, and the Slippery Slope - Daring Fireball

Messaging from the CDC has been terrible. COVID vaccines are working, data show. They’re designed to prevent death — not infection - The Sacramento Bee

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No peer reviewed study? This is such a mess. 🙄 CDC says new mask guidelines informed by Cape Cod outbreak - The Wall Street Journal

Truth. Masks are useless. Mandate Vaccinations, Not Masks - Daring Fireball

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Imagine that. OnePlus admits to throttling popular apps to save battery life - The Verge

How have other countries handled mask mandates on aircraft? —- Flight Attendants Say ‘Not So Fast’ On Lifting Mask Requirements - Forbes

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