One thing I just realised despite spending the last five years on the Fediverse is something simple but profoundly different to Twitter

Here on the Fediverse, if I boost a post and then someone else boosts or favourite it, I don't get a notification

That's different to Twitter, where you *do* get such notifications

I'm still thinking about the ramifications of this from a sociological point of view, but I suspect, like the (intentional) lack of a quote-tweet equivalent, it's a good thing? 🤔

@dajbelshaw The lack of quote-tweets is actually something I really need to get used to. I can imagine a few reasons why this is intentional, but would love to know more about it. Do you have any sources, Doug?

@ilyess @dajbelshaw Thanks a lot! Thats a very interesting article (also about the rejection of arbitrary search!)

@dajbelshaw @jstarke You’re welcome. Part of the reason I love Mastodon is that a lot of design decisions have been thoroughly thought out to maximize users’ interests and promote a healthy social environment.

@dajbelshaw @Gargron Thank you, that is very interesting and the reason I supposed (because it is used on Twitter often in very ugly ways)

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