My Ubuntu crashed so many times that I literally reinstalled it FIVE times last week. And there’s a roach in my dorm. Awesome!

YouTube is owned by Google? I didn’t know that.

Comedy solves no problem, but it eases the pain for a little while. And through laughing at the ridiculousness and the helplessness of the situation together, we may regain some strength to carry on.

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After a lot of BS happened in my life, I find the rage in the Late Show monologues much more relatable.
I know that his target audiences are middle-aged leftists in America. But I guess BSs are not limited to America. People around the world are suffering from different BSs in recent years. They have every right to be angry, and they need an outlet for their anger.

I miss the old Colbert.
The old Colbert can always cheer me up. But now he’s just as depressed as I am.

Looking for books on government. Any recommendations?

Now I’m like, Oh great, he tweeted something. He’s alive. Hooray.
[Slowly losing my mind…]

Grammarly Premium costs nigh on 150 dollars per year. Crazy.

I was doing some programming for the school's robotics team. And today for the first time, I managed to fix a glitch in the program all by myself. Hooray!

My friend texted me in English today, and I called him back, and we ended up talked for more than an hour, in English. (And neither of us are native English speakers.) This is so fun!

Spent the whole morning reading Nietzsche’s book.
And I made through like 10 pages?

I wonder if someday I can too design apps that is so pleasant to use.

Finally, I started to use the comment function in Goodread.
I don’t know why, but I’m so proud of myself. Lol

He had just gave me another reason not to hate him.
So, good, I guess?

Stephen had pointed out the direction for me, but had not told me how to get there. I need answers from others.

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