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I agree with you.

But in non-Anglophone cultures,
#deathtoamerica is the same as saying #FuckAmerica.

If someone says 'Fuck....(fill in the blank), it doesn't mean that person wants to have sex with '...(fill in the blank).

'DeathToAmerica' does not mean the speaker wants Amerikkkan lives lost; they don't want to kill the country.

Very often, slang or colloquial words or phrases in one language & culture sounds horrid when translated or used in the language and culture other than the original.

lol at people who take offense at #DeathToAmerica, sorry america is your bud and you don't want it to die but uh, its been doing a pretty good job of destroying it self all on its own. some weirdos on their own servers writing a hashtag isn't gonna speed that process up at all don't worry

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Things the USA could do in one day, but simply chooses not to:

Pardon every single prisoner in the US who was imprisoned on drug charges + all other BS charges (Presidential Pardon)
Accept all immigrants to the US unconditionally, thus preventing hundreds of deaths (Executive Order)
Pay the medical bills of every single person in the country, now and forever (Budget change via congress + president)
Aggressively defund the US military, freeing up the better part of a trillion dollars for use in actually useful projects (Budget change)

Given a little more time, the USA could also:

End all homelessness in the country
Feed everyone in the country
End police brutality & all police killings by replacing the police with various unarmed services


I spent the last two grueling hours trying to find really nice clothes online at a decent price. It doesn't help that suck at fashion so I don't know how y'all do this. I'm getting a headache just looking at all this stuff, I might as well just walk around naked.
(I'm not actually going to do that either.)

I don’t like how social media made us too anxious to confront each other on things that realistically aren’t that big of an issue & yet I have to deal with more people avoiding me again or looking at me weird because I want an honest discussion.

I’m not too pushy, I wait a reasonable amount of time, I try to frame words carefully, & I take stock of limitations. I can never imagine anyone feeling good leaving matters unattended, allowing it to fester, & accumlating unnecessary emotional sludge.

I saw a white orb in my room and my Grandma Maria was speaking to me. She told me she felt bad that she had to pass away so soon and she wished that she was there to make bread for me. She’s glad I’m doing my best to protect things.

Thinking about tommy tucker, the celebrity squirrel from the 1940s who loved to wear dresses

Imagine if YouTube was shut down.

It would be a literal tragedy for the human race. Billions of hours worth of creativity would disappear in an instant.

"That would never happen!" some believe.

But it already has.

Remember Google+? All of it's gone forever.

Or remember all that media stored on MySpace? It's vanished.

We must stop depending on Big Tech to archive our data. Their mandate is to profit off our data, not preserve it.

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#feditips Yet another human carcass stripped of its bodily organs has been found in a dumpster behind Best Pizza, Manhattan, New York City.

The previous body, discovered on June 7th was not removed by police. Instead, a group of 4 to 6 men were seen digging through the dumpster around midnight, according to eyewitnesses. It has not been found since.

Both corpses were found disemboweled, and had dark spots similar in appearance to third-degree burns or tissue necrosis.

This time, police have set up a blockade around the dumpster, to prevent evidence tampering. The body was seen carried away to an armored truck by men wearing protective hazmat suits. It is unknown where the armored truck is taking it.

It is reported that some policemen have exhibited symptoms of radiation sickness, with some fearing it is a deliberate radiological attack.

Most people eat cake on their birthday.

I will instead have a birthday pie.

A pizza pie to be exact.

A vodka pizza pie to be even more specific.

Well... in real life, I would never want to come in late because time is money. Also, I beat myself up in my head if I'm not punctual.

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I had a dream that I came into a dance class a bit late. Since I missed a portion of the lesson, I watched one run-through of the full choreography. I jumped in later & while my execution wasn't the greatest, I memorized most of the movements quickly. Afterward, a student commented, "Ah, you're one of the cheap students". She critiqued where I was lacking & I agreed with no argument. I walked out obliviously while she was giving me a weird stare. Seems accurate.

I’m about 75% finished with deep cleaning my house. Feeling pretty accomplished about that.

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