I HATE relying on other people to do my job. I'm sure all if not most of them are on a higher pay grade than me, yet they're constantly fucking things up and inevitably giving me more of a workload, as well as making me look bad.

Thank fuck it's Friday.

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Hi everybody. Happy Friday! Schedule is still yet to be made up, but this week we will run on Saturday only. I'll get it made up as quickly as I can, so you know who to tune into tomorrow.

What a great feeling it would be in the end, however unlikely it is, to actually finish all those games in your Steam library you said you'd like to but never did.

Would also save a bunch of money!

It's rare that I finish a game, but it does feel good when you finally get there. Next up will be GTAV, since I hardly got through the story, again on several separate occations. Multiplayer was where it was at back then. Who knows what it looks like now.

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Must have played through Dishonored several times, but never finished it until today. Such a great game! Last level I found quite disappointing, but hard to fault anything else. Loved taking my time with every step I made and trying to get all the runes etc.

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#FediverseMusic #rock #improvisation

Fruit has great nutrition to behold, or at least that is what we are told. Consume it for your health, gain nutrients to fortify yourself. Does this hold true regardless of hue? Let us ask a banana, blue.

Featuring 60s-inspired electric guitar, bass, drums, whistlers, harmonica, studio strings, and keys.


I might be able to find a used one on eBay when that day comes, but if not, then I'll need to settle for an ambidextrous mouse, which is obviously nowhere near the same.

Sure, you can have the OS swap the buttons to simulate a left-handed mouse, but when you're connecting to a VM or a remote machine, then the buttons again go back to normal.

Frustrating. There must be so many left-handed folk out there in the same positon... Or they just deal with the above problem and get on with it...

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I'm left handed and use a version of the Razer DeathAdder specifically for this, which is fantastic. It's the best mouse I've ever had.

The only thing is that this still seems to be on only left-handed mouse out there (hardwired button swap and left-handed ergonomics), and this is 8 years after I first got this mouse.

I'm concerned that when this mouse dies it will be hard to replace it if there is no alternative. On looking on the Razer site and Amazon, they're both sold out.

Well that's me done with my 'duties' for the day, so the rest of my Sunday can be used to relax. Hope everybody has a good day!

My phone keyboard grammar is shite. Really need that to improve or I'll feel like a right silly sausage.

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Another mix we've had before but something I'm sure people will enjoy. Tune in!


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Thanks to Fabs for the last hour of reggae.

NEXT UP: Shoot Your Shot. This is a DJ performance for a few months back that we thought would be appreciated. Tune in!


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Now on: Jazzaria - Improv Sessions. A couple of sessions for @Jazzaria's Twitch streams that they have submitted to us. Really great stuff!


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NOW PLAYING: @Jazzaria

The second person from the Mastodon community to broadcast with us. Expect a variety of pieces of their own for the next hour!

Come say hi!


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That's the first 30 minutes of Vera's Radio Show done with! Plenty of viewers today which is great, so hello to those tuned in. If you wanna come along!

Ah it seems there's a Tom's Hardware site for that specifically. Was that always the case? Seem to remember it being one thing in the past, though I may have been tripping 'balls'.

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What happened to Tom's Guide? Used to use it for seemingly accurate reviews of graphics cards and CPUs, but now can't seem to see either after what must have been a website refresh.

Looks like total dogshit now...

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THANK YOU! This Friday has been our best yet, and that is thanks to all who have been involved today.

The sky is the limit with this project! If you are somebody keen to be involved, either as part of the Jnktn team helping us grow, or as a streamer who can put something out there, whether it be musical or artistic in another way, PLEASE get in contact!

Much love to the Mastodon crew. Yous are all beautiful people!

More to come tomorrow!


I've had a good few / several beers and I have that Friday feeling. Would be great to have folk over, but alas, lockdown has fucked that right up. Soon hopefully!

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