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That's our maintenance page up until we return in a few weeks time. Rest assured we will be working on during our downtime and will return better than ever.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can improve, please get in contact. We want this to be a community project, so you're feedback is very welcome.

The main development for when we're back will be a fully open-source website, where we encourage others to get involved to make improvements.

Watch this space!

The weather lady tells me to expect snoe soon. What?!? That's Scotland, baby!

I look scruffy as fuck. My hair and facial hair is as long as it's ever been, and to be honest, it's not a great look. Might keep growing the hair but I need a shave for sure.

Opening an 8.5% beer at this time was possibly a mistake...

I've come to a harsh realisation... The SpongeBob from when I was a kid is great, but everything I've seen after the point I stopped watching is awful. This is still before the times of HD TV, so it's not only bad but it's making me feel very old.

My live Radio Show for @jnktn_tv starts in 15 minutes. Today I play some of my favorites from Bandcamp. A good variety of genres, mostly chilled. I hope you can join me :)

Happy Friday! Blaring out some psy rock in the office today. Only one on my floor so why not?

The sun is glorious today. Seems cold out but I'm sat in it in the luxury of my living room. So glad nice days are on their way back!

antiwork musings 

Of course, the basics of dealing with this situation is to 'find a job you enjoy', or so they say. Do these types wake up every Monday and jump out of bed in excitement to start their working day? I don't think so.

You can find something you enjoy more, for sure, but that doesn't change the concept of work. You'd still rather spend more time with family and friends, in and with nature or helping those that need it.

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antiwork musings 

I used to think that people were idiots for playing the lottery, yet here I am playing each week with the genuine hope I win it one day. That's sad, isn't it? The chance may be so very small, but I'll take anything I can to get out of this nonsense.

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antiwork musings 

Are people actually waking up to the fact that we spend too much of our existence at work, or is it just the internet and social media making people's complaints more visible?

Will a 4-day week come into place in my lifetime? If it does, will it make any difference? It's not just about working less but also the quality of your job. So many bullshit jobs out there in industries that shouldn't exist.

I'm looking at you, advertising and insurance.

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Schedule for this Saturday 3rd April. This is our last broadcast before we take a break. Details of this break can be seen on our pinned post and its attached thread.

Well that is @jnktn_tv for another week. We've done remarkably well this week, and the automated system did its thing. I would count tonight as a success and we will need to monitor how things go in the future.

Now my stream for @jnktn_tv , 'Show Me What You Got - Scotland'

This is how I'm starting off today, with a nice fruit beer. Früli is a great tasting strawberry white beer from Belgium. Very tasty!

mp3tag to the rescue! That's sorted it, thankfully. Now onto the remainder of tasks needing done before we're live at 4.

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And, when I go to convert the files back to .mp4, any program I use outputs a blank file. WHAT?!?

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Having huge issues editing tags of .mkv files now... All I wanted to do was normalise the audio of my videos, and ffmpeg thought that meant to also change the format of all of them from .mp4 to .mkv. Now finding it impossible to edit the tags!

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