I'm trying to consume less news, so I've started browsing the Reddit front page instead. Not sure which is worse...

Sometimes I revel in the thought that my days in IT support are surely numbered, then I remember that I've got sweet fuck all else going on. I need a direction to go in, and that's where being the indecisive, scared of failure person I am really gets in the way.

User: I'm having an issue.

Me: Do X to fix that.

User: Doing X is inconvenient for me.

Me: ...

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Tonight! 7PM Pacific, 9PM Central, 3 UTC! I'll be doing a live stream DJ set at goth.land to accomplish the following goals:

1. It's a lot of fun to hang out with you and listen to music.
2. We all need more excuses to get random people together.
3. We're releasing an update to Owncast soon and you'll help test it just by visiting.

I'm looking forward to hanging out. I'll ping you again later.

Put a solid couple hours into DnB practice tonight and things are shaping up nicely. I'm using functions of the XDJs I've never used before. I'll not planning the whole set out, but just getting a feel for the tunes and where to put what. Quite excited for Saturday now!

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Women of the Fediverse! We are due to celebrate Woman's Day with a broadcast on either the 6th or 13th of March and are looking for an all-female lineup for the occasion. Are you interested in having a slot or being involved in some way?

Although we've been almost entirely music oriented thus far, we are looking for as much variety as possible so are keen for anything creative that we can help showcase. Music, spoken word, art, craft - whatever you got, we want to hear from you! DM/email us.

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THIS SATURDAY - another great mix of shows to help entertain you in these strange times. It's great to see so many LIVE shows! Tune in from 4PM UTC on the 27th join the fun. Whatever music tickles your fancy, we should, as always, have something for everyone.


I'm debating doing a DnB set for this week's @jnktn_tv. I've never mixed this genre, so could be messy but could also be good fun. I'll have a play about later on and might even stream it to test the waters.

I dropped and smashed my favorite mug... Not a great way to start the week. It's a souveneer from Amsterdam airport which I've consntstly used since I got it about 4 years ago. A good all-rounder! I'll be buying the exact same one again if I can find it online. I can't just wait until I'm next in Amsterdam!

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NOW PLAYING: Show Me What You Got - Italy. A mix of tunes to give you an idea of music from the great nation of Italy. Tune in!


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Now on: @jumboshrimp's Radio Show. Today he has a selection of psychedelic and blues rock. Come join if you can! On for the next 2 hours.


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We are LIVE! Come tune into Vera's Radio Show for her selection of Eurovision bangers for the first 2 hours.

The chat is open as always and we're a friendly bunch.


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LIVE IN TWO HOURS, from 4PM UTC. We hope you can come join us! Here's what to expect:

Vera's Radio Show
Get ready to shake your bum cheeks with some Eurovision bangers.

jumboshrimp's Radio Show
This week his pick of psychedelic and blues rock from around the globe.

Get Ready with Andrina
Get out your make up, put on your dancing shoes and have a boogie to some 90s dance classics.



The case for my S21 Ultra I bought from the US arrived. I'm glad I can use the phone without being so scared to damage it now. Almost cracked the screen the first day I had it by being a clutz. The sticky-outey camera bit is still asking for it though...

On reflection, after having inhaled said pizza along with lashing of garlic Mayo, I'm not sure this was the wisest choice.

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Happy Friday! I'm celebrating by having leftover pizza for breakfast.

I've been using Pop!_OS for a about a week now, and I'm still really happy with it. It's very aesthetically pleasing and everything seems to work. Really glad I made the switch. Still love Manjaro, but so far I'm yet to miss a single aspect of it.

Morning! Feel it should be Friday and not Thursday, but who am I to dictate what day it is? Almost there!

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After our break last week, here's what we have on THIS Saturday. The fun starts from 4PM UTC. Hope you can join us for a show or two! A nice selection this weekend, so hopefully something for everyone. More details to come.


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