All ENHYPEN fans, please gather at the lobby! Finally, our first ever group photo after the seven members being announced at I-LAND The Final. With the first-rank boy who stands in the center, Yang Jungwon.

Hello, this is Jungwon and I’m proudly presenting myself as a member of ENHYPEN for the first time ever! Be the first one to post on our official Twitter account, isn’t that a great idea? Please always remember your favorite sheep garden and send him a lot of love! 🐏 🌲 🌹 🌷

Oh, Sunoo hyung seems so proud after taking a photo of me without my consent, huh? I was busy with my phone {finally, after a long time} so I didn’t realize what were he doing beside me. He even posted this on Twitter. Fortunately, I always look good all the time, don’t I?

Instead of wearing his iconic leopard beanie that went viral on I-LAND program, Heeseung hyung decided to wear the purple one from FILA today haha. Pose cutely and act like a son {'cause he's my appa!} Anyway, can you guess who's making the finger heart there?

Photo taken by Jake hyung during lunch! 🍱 Unfortunately, Sunghoon hyung wasn’t there because he went to his school due to some business. Here I am, Jungwon, who’s playing with his chopsticks, reminding you not to skip any meals! Mind to tell me what did you have for lunch? 🥰

When I saw Heeseung hyung just finished eating, there I came to him and took selca together! 📸 Jake hyung and Sunoo hyung joined us too! Don’t we look like a happy family? Heeseung hyung as the father and I, Sunoo hyung, and Jake hyung as the children! Hehehe. 😊

Joining Jake hyung while he was about to take mirror selca! We’re very excited to be in the practice room again after a long time. Anyways, do you notice my outfit and shoes that match each other? Light grey and yellow mean have a great day and fighting for today! > <

Another episode of Heeseung hyung checking out our members’ closets! 🧥 Now he’s wearing Jay hyung’s clothes and I’m enjoying my new hobby after being official ENHYPEN member: peeking-in! Sunoo hyung, who’s busy choosing new photos to post, also joined us in this selca! 👀

I try to wear beanie like the other hyungs do! Accompanied by Jake hyung who rarely wears beanie, maybe you shall try it once. Oh, I saw Edens love my sleeping-pose photo, so here I post another one! Thank you so much for your hardwork today~! ♡︎♡︎ Fighting for tomorrow! 😀🤩

Had fun and played around with my brothers’ chubby cheeks! > < The sofa must look so familiar to some of you, right? Yes, it’s Big Hit building~ Uhm, Heeseung hyung took my beanie haha. I will let you go because I can’t deny it suits you well! 🤩😝 {Feat. Sunoo hyung and Ni-ki!}

Come out again with Sunoo hyung to accompany Heeseung appa flexing one of his beanie collection! What do you think about his maroon beanie? If you ask me, I would say he will always look good in any kind of headwears~ Who do agree with me? 🤔

Communicating through facial expression challenge collaboration with Sunoo hyung! The video starts with him counting “five, four, three, two, one!” and continues with me posing different poses! From a flower, awkward smile, throwing a kiss, and flushed face! Let’s go! ♡~♡

Pointing out my visual by posting some selcas of myself wearing simple plain white t-shirt and bared face with messy black hair. I put it up earlier than usual to help you go to bed early today! It’s the weekend from tomorrow, so don’t worry about it! Thanks God, it’s Friday! 💙

Break time with Heeseung hyung after dinner! Anyway, we posted this tweet not only for sharing new photos of us, but also for telling fans that we’re okay! ♡ Thank you for being so thoughtful about our privacy and safety and worrying us a lot, we’re so glad to have you all. 🌷

Some photos I took today and yesterday! I want to try something different, so here are two versions of Jungwon! There are night mode Johnny and day mode Yang Chamber! Black Jungwon and white Jungwon also Jungwon with beanie and without beanie. Which one is your favorite selca of mine?

Been locking my eyes on my phone because of some business I can’t leave {read: mobile game} and suddenly Jake hyung comes and pokes my fluffy cheek! I assume he is at his boredom phase. I will let you take as many photos as you want but sorry hyung, I will play with you later~ 😄

Everyone! > < This Chuseok is full of fun and great things~ ♡♡ First, I’m gonna make my debut really soon {finally!} Second, I meet my beloved ENHYPEN members and I-LAND participants. Third, I’ve got so much love from Edens! PS: I play together with Jake hyung haha. ♡♡ 🦮🐈

It’s been a while since Jay hyung and I took selca together! ❣❣ Here I post one photo for you all who have been waiting for this moment for a long time. > < We’re choosing this pose, poking each other’s cheeks to show our closeness as brothers. Hope you all love it! 🐈🦅

All fans~ 😍 Have a great Chuseok! Thank you for 1 million followers! I can’t believe we can get this many followers even before we make our debut. We promise we will always be a hardworking ENHYPEN now and in the future! Please support us a lot and thank you for the love! 💕

It was nice to be able to say hello to our fans on V LIVE after a long time! I hope you always have a healthy and enjoyable holiday and I’ll be back soon with a great and pretty look! ❣❣ Putting my hands {cutely} on waist while taking selca with our Sunoo hyung as bonus! 🐈🦊

Everyone, can you guess what are we filming right now? 🤫 You curious? {whispers} Let us give you a clue: something is bright over here~ We mean, our outfits hehehe. That’s the only clue we can tell because everything is secret until this point! I bet you can’t wait anymore~ 🤩

Fans~ Since it’s the last holiday of Chuseok, please recharge your energy and sleep tight starting tomorrow~ ❣❣ Anyways these selcas were taken two days ago in my lovely bed hehehe. Nyang Jungwon with his chubby little cheeks, does he make your heart flutters? 🐈

You thought I wouldn’t come because I come late, right? It’s surprise! It’s getting chilly all of a sudden today, so wear thick clothes and be careful not to catch a cold, everyone~ ❣❣ {Look at me who wears black hoodie on the inside and blue jacket on the outside!} 🐈

Clothes that remind me of Christmas! Green that represents the eternal life of God and red that symbolizes his blood. Fans, the weather is getting cold. Don’t forget to wear your warm clothes! 😍❣ How does oversized-shirt look on me? Please give me your opinion about it~ 🎄🐈

Who decided to post on Twitter at midnight? It’s our Jay hyung! 😝 We wear couple velvet jacket and are also verified as beanie duo! {I borrow his} Uhm, anyway, I think he can’t just write ‘Jungwon’ without ‘cute’ since he has done that for so many times. Don’t you all agree? 🥰

I slept really well today and I think I can wrap up the day happily because I saw you guys on V LIVE for the first time in a while! ❣❣❣ Today’s selcas were taken in the car with Jake hyung! {poking his cheek at the back seat} Fighting for the rest of the day, ENGENE! 🦮🐈

ENGENE! 😍 I’m gonna announce a bad news. Monday will be starting again tomorrow. 😥 Recharge your energy and please rest well today so you can carry out tomorrow’s activities in fresh condition~ ❣❣ It’s been a while since I wore hat last time anyway. Such a new look, right? 🐈

ENGENE! 😍 What did you eat for dinner today? We ate braised spicy chicken today. Don’t skip meals and eat well~! Anyway, we come back with another cute pose! > < Thank you for your hard work today~ ❣❣ Rest well and fighting for tomorrow, everyone! 🐈🦅

Selca with dad Heeseung while wearing my school uniform! 🥰 Wait a minute, isn't he too fashionable and too fresh to be my dad? Let just him be my caring brother, then. He asks me about how was my school today and the fact that it was fun! Everyone, have a great time! ❣️❣️

Heeseungie hyung~ Happy birthday!!! 🎉 I think I really learn a lot from hyung. You're really a hyung that I respect very much! I will keep looking up to you hyung, from now on~!! (This was the day we ate ramen together for the 1st time haha) ❣❣

Heeseung hyung!!! Thank you for always leading our team as a reliable older brother. I hope you will continue to take care of me, your little kitten! Happy birthday~! ❣❣😍🤩 I don't mean to mention all emojis here but I think they suit my birthday wish really well! 🎁🧨✨🐈🦌

It's been a long time since we took a photo in the practice room haha. Cheer up for tomorrow's practice, my members~ ❣❣ ENGENE! 😍 All of you, fighting too for tomorrow~ ❣❣❣ Hashtag black hat Jungwon and maroon beanie Heeseung! 🐈🦌

Hello! We are Enjeolmi! 🍡 Enjeolmi means injeolmi {Korean sweet rice cake} but ENHYPEN version hehe. All of us wear light brown outfit and it represents them a lot! Anyway, since we wear the same outfit and hide our faces also hairs, can you guess which one is which member? 😝 Here is our ~kind~ Sunghoon hyung, spilling the tea! 🙀 So, the one on the top is me! Then from left to right: Ni-ki, Jake hyung, Jay hyung, Heeddeung hyung, Sunghoon hyung, and Ddeonu hyung! 😍

ENGENE! 😍 How was your day? I think we, ENHYPEN, had a very bright day full of energy! Haha. I tried out some cute cat filters with Jake hyung! 😸 Uhm, if ENGENE had a tiring day 😥 just forget about the past and fighting 🙌 for tomorrow~! Trust me, things will get better! ❣❣

ENGENE everyone~ 😍 Nyangie says cheer up for the rest of the day~ ❣❣ I really like this bucket hat hehe. I saw many ENGENE saying I looked good in it, so I try to upload more photos today! This is my first time posting a mirror selca in practice room, I hope you like it! 🐈🐈

Jay hyung, Sunoo hyung, and I were excited during the practice! Time to show ENGENE how chaotic I am {read: we are} in daily life, haha! Go daddy go! Now pass it to my bro, let's go! Yee yee yee yee! Go ENHYPEN go! {Featuring Jay hyung who can't take his hand off my head} 🦅🦊🐈

Yo, ENGENE! Been waiting for this for a long time? 😍 Finally, I decided to take selca with Sunghoon hyung! ENHYPEN's visual line is here~ ❣❣ Who suits bucket hat more between Sunghoon hyung and I? ENGENE and ENHYPEN did a great job today, so prepare yourself for tomorrow! 🐈🐧

I think it's been a while since I took photos wearing a beanie {after few episodes of Wonie wearing hat!} ❣❣ Today's outfit is blue hoodie with the famous black lover or loser beanie that makes me look cooler than usual! So… is Wonie a lover or a loser? You decide it! 🐈


ENGENE! Thank you for watching today's V LIVE~ 😆💕 Finally Ni-ki and Jay hyung revealed their hair after a month haha. Aren't they so shining, shimmering, splendid? ✨ Last but not least, fighting for the rest of the day! {I'm happy that I look a little bit taller here} 🐆🦮🐈🐕

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Peace up, a-town down! Overflowing swag Dad Sunghoon and I, Son Jungwon, who show our coolness with our new TikTok video! 👨‍👦 Play with my arm moves and cool expressions to set up the mood, show some swaggy dance, and end the video with Dad Sunghoon carrying me on his back! 🐈🐧

Ta-da! This is what I meant when I said something would be dropped tonight on V LIVE earlier: none other than our unit {plus Sunoo hyung} selca! 😍 Good night ENGENE! I hope you will have a good sleep after looking at ENHYPEN's cute and handsome members in these photos~ 😊

Two-shot of me with my backpack that already became a part of me lately! 📸 Maybe many ENGENE noticed the backpack that I always carry on my back in my latest posts hehe it’s because I always have it with me wherever I go these days! Something happens, but it’s a secret! 🐈

ENGENE~ Did you enjoy the trailer? Just to make this more fantastic, we decided to drop a group mirror selca! Taken by Sunghoon hyung who gives the strongest boyfriend material vibes, I stand right beside him, supported by the shoes that make me look a lil bit taller than usual!

Good evening, everyone! Jung-one comes back with Jake hyung after a while with a new refreshing content! Not only a selca like usual, now we bring another look of ourselves: mirror selca in striped couple outfit! Pst, don't you feel familiar with that purple thing in my hands? 👀

ENGENE~ 😍 Good morning from us! Although it might be a hard day, hang in there. I know you'll win over the Monday blues! 😅 Don't skip your meal and begin your activities with a smile on your face. Great job, everyone! Cheer up and fighting for the upcoming week too~ ❣️❣️🐈🦅

ENGENE, good morning~ 😍 I hope you won't get bored of seeing me post 'good morning' tweets hehe~ ❣❣ Oh, it's gonna be weekend in two days! 🤗 Today as well, fighting! 🤩 With the same person, Ni-ki, and the same pose for the second time! {The sunlight was pretty, anyway} 🐈🐆

Hi, everyone! Do you know why do I come here~? 🥭🍎 Yep, yep! I just wanna make sure if you have seen our Chamber 5 (Dream of Dreams) Dance Performance (Halloween Fruit version). How was it? I hope you like it! 😍 ENGENE! Haha today is yellow Jungwon and Heeseung hyung! ❣️❣️🐈🦌

Today's mirror selca was taken by Sunoo hyung at the practice room! 📸 He must be tired after doing his V LIVE hehe did you watch it, ENGENE? Anyway, you guys have to sleep well too and don't get sick! Jungwonie with big black backpack means it's time to rest now! 🥰

These are the photos I took together with Heeseung hyung on the day of the 'DUSK' photo shoot that were released not long time ago haha. Have a great day today! ❣❣ ENGENE! 😍 We love you always! {How does the ring look on my not-so-slim index finger? Give me your opinion!} 🐈🦌

Ni-ki and I do collaboration together for challenge on TikTok! ❣❣ Yeah yeah ah yeah! 🎵🎵 The melody of the song itself is so catchy and it makes us wanna dance again and again! 🤘 Btw, the original one is demonstrated for 3 people but we changed it a bit! 🐆🐈

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