Another tip for new Mastodon users ( like me ):

Unlike Twitter, which shows strangers' posts in your feed once they get popular or once your friends like them, Mastodon appears to only show you posts by people you're following and posts they've boosted ( which is Mastodon-ese for RT )

So if you appreciate someone else's post and you also want your followers to see it too, you need to click those boost arrows. Just clicking the fave star won't make it visible to your followers.

I found a UX hitch on Mastodon that's worth mentioning for new users who came here from Twitter ( like me ).

My tip about how Mastodon's boost and fave functions work ( it's the previous post in this thread ) has been boosted 150+ times. That's great! But Mastodon's Notifications show every boost and fave individually, rather than grouping them like Twitter does.

So if your post goes even remotely viral, you may be scrolling for 20+ minutes to see all your notifications. 😅⏳

@justinkownacki I love the luck of engagement-driven, machine-learning feed presentation here.

@mike It definitely has a throwback "Twitter circa 2008" vibe. Chronological timelines have rekindled a dormant sense of FOMO that I'd forgotten was possible in our "the biggest noise always rises to the top" era.

@justinkownacki I remember when twitter behaved like that. It was better.

@justinkownacki There is also the federated timeline, where you can see the toots of any user that your instance is aware of (this includes users on other instances that your instance peers follow). This has been my method to look for cool new follows as well

@csav55 It's the circular arrow icon next to the star, where the retweet button would be if this was Twitter

@justinkownacki is full of them :)

I personally follow @NAAN, who has been sharing a handful of cool accounts lately! Check them out maybe?

@vylion @justinkownacki Aww thanks for the shout-out! I try my best 😅☺️

@NAAN @justinkownacki hmmm, sorry about this, the shout-out was meant as a reply to someone else asking about comic artists in the federated timeline... damn

@vylion @justinkownacki oh I didn't mind being tagged! Sorry if my message made it sound like that. I was quite happy to see my boosts being useful :bear_hugs:

@justinkownacki In addition to the Home feed (accounts you follow), there's Local (users in your instance) and Federated (the whole Fediverse, minus any users or instances that you or your admin have blocked).

Searching by #tag is also a great way to find users who share your interests.

@justinkownacki I must be the only person left viewing twitter on "Latest Tweets" I've set it back to that setting so many times the algorithm finally gave up and let me keep it there.

So, I learned something about Twitter over here. (Didn't it used to be like this in the olde Twitter days.)

@p_snft It did. In fact, Twitter didn't even have an @ reply feature in the early days. Looking back now, I have no idea how we all got by! 🤷🏻‍♂️


So the fave stars are feedback for the poster and the boosting is for your friends/followers but the two don't affect one another. It's like OLD twitter!

@stonetree The poster still sees every boost in their notifications, so a boost does count as feedback. But your followers will remain blissfully oblivious of every meme and dog pic you fave.

Which brings up an interesting point: I wonder if Mastodon will create fewer memes due to a lack of "fave visibility" 🤔

@justinkownacki thanks for the tips I. New to this too and findingy way around :) appreciate your efforts

@justinkownacki that the like doesen't kick things in my followers TL is great😅. I sometimes didn't give a like to nsfw stuff, cause i had younger folks following me.
I am so hapoy that i can now support those artists as well and only kick to my followers what they should def.see

@uddelhexe_ Yes, but: I just noticed that faves are not *completely* private!

There doesn't seem to be a way to see a composite list of a user's faves. But, you CAN see who faved or boosted an individual post by clicking on the number next to that icon on the original post itself.

So your faves of NSFW stuff still won't appear in your followers' TLs, but people who want to see who has liked any specific post *can* see that you've liked it, if that matters. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@justinkownacki that's totally fine. I'm not t shy about the fact i liked such art, just want to controll what my followers get pushed into their Homeline from me. 😊

@justinkownacki The human curation aspect enabled by this is something that I'm really enjoying so far.

@kennon It also moves much slower than Twitter because there's less of a constant influx of new info, unless you seek it out. Which can be good or bad, depending on how you'd like to use it. At the moment, it's kind of... calming?

@justinkownacki It is indeed!

And even though there's this primal part of me that's been trained to keep digging for new things (the endless scroll), at the moment here I keep reaching an end to what new posts there are and then I can just.... rest for a while. Which is an interesting sensation.

@kennon Indeed. This is the first social network I don't feel compelled to be Very Active on For the Sake of Visibility. It's more like a corner pub than a 24/7 megaconference.

@justinkownacki Totally agreed.

Granted, at the moment, I'm being fairly active, but some of that is the shine of being new and some of that is the enjoyment of real interactions with people instead of trying to game an algorithm.

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