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if you had to pick one would you rather have

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I’ve heard from people that they want a reason to vote FOR Biden beyond the fact that he's not Trump. I respect that. So here's 75 reasons to vote for #JoeBiden that don't have anything to do with Trump.

1. $15.00 federal minimum wage
2. Reinstate DACA – allowing new applicants to apply
3. 12 weeks federal paid family leave
4. Universal pre-kindergarten/childcare for ages 3 and 4
5. Tuition-free college for those with household incomes less than $125,000 #Vote #BidenHarris2020 THREAD 1/15

I am to get crushed by a org chem exam and I would rather be crushed rn with scholarly articles on Panamanian racism

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Is there a #krita function to easily straighten rotated images? Like an assisted rotate by selecting a line that should be vertical or horizontal?

Sincerely it doesn't even need to be full on citizens initiatives, should provided seed funding for such endeavour's even when those itself cannot fund and manage them themselves

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I was thinking on all the cool ways to implement cooperativism on public goods stuff, wouldn't it be cool small towns to fund a bus schedule everyone can at least vote on??

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The Panamanian-registered vessel, currently off Sri Lanka's coast, is carrying about 270,000 tonnes of crude oil.
Blazing tanker sparks fears of a new Indian Ocean disaster
#SriLanka #Environment #Asia
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