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if you had to pick one would you rather have

Maybe is a fedilab thing, I will use the webpage to subscribe, thank for the response!

Btw and sorry to bother, if I try and it didn't work can I try again? Mine didn't worked but maybe there's something im missing? It doesn't appear on my search

I think if you are strict about them being at least kinds useful to the general population, you can maintain a lean operation, cheers!

Mountain climate can be a blessing, our mountainous regions rain non-stop all year basically, it's also the nicest place to escape the heat
By curiosity, what's the normal temperature where you live?

Nice!, I will be doing for one for my country news
Im curious tho, isn't this too expensive to maintain?

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I’ve heard from people that they want a reason to vote FOR Biden beyond the fact that he's not Trump. I respect that. So here's 75 reasons to vote for #JoeBiden that don't have anything to do with Trump.

1. $15.00 federal minimum wage
2. Reinstate DACA – allowing new applicants to apply
3. 12 weeks federal paid family leave
4. Universal pre-kindergarten/childcare for ages 3 and 4
5. Tuition-free college for those with household incomes less than $125,000 #Vote #BidenHarris2020 THREAD 1/15

Even if my country is relatively small, there are parts that get deadly droughts in the dry months and the livestock gets in the risk of dying

Here in Panama , my region is getting so much rain the street to my family's farm got flooded
They have to walk hundred of meters with equipment

I think it's excellent for hobbyist software, tho im glad something like Debian doesn't do such a thing

Fuck that's such a cool rig, are u a farmer of sorts?

I am to get crushed by a org chem exam and I would rather be crushed rn with scholarly articles on Panamanian racism

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Is there a #krita function to easily straighten rotated images? Like an assisted rotate by selecting a line that should be vertical or horizontal?

Hello! I envy your former work, it had been a interest of mine

That's absolutely excellent for readability and encouraging academic honesty

@aurochs@mastodon.social tienes que tener unos gusanos cerebrales muy especiales para ser un nazi latino

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