Dear #fediverse and especially #foss and #activitypub tech enthusiasts amongst you ..

At #SocialHub we're preparing a great event in the form of two webinars and a workshop in April, for representatives of the European Commission.

The topics are #ActivityPub #Interoperability and #FediverseFutures within the EU.

Interest for the event came from EC itself, who via @NGIZero - funder of many great AP projects - approached SocialHub to organize.

You can help prepare and certainly join the Event!

If you are interested in helping, or want to suggest topics for discussion, then we invite you to join #SocialHub as a member.

This event is a great opportunity for #fediverse evolution. The EC/EU itself is interested in making a move towards #foss and pursues a set of values of being more #Open #Privacy respecting #Collaborative with #Transparency and #Inclusion as principles.

We can help them get there!



Part of the workshop will be focused on bringing to the #fediverse

The #EC just laid out their digital targets for 2030

Per 4 years they set their #OSS strategy

And for upcoming legislation i.e. EU Digital Services Act they look for #interoperability standards, and we promote @activitypub for that in our #SocialHub SIG.

All this is where our #FediverseFutures align.


The EC/EU also realizes that they need to cooperate with open communities and innovative initiatives to achieve their goals.

And that these initiatives are often fighting uphill battle against Big Tech and need to be supported by funding and other forms of help.

Here @NGIZero is already playing a big role, and is central to many plans. But there will be other funds and grants too.

At #SocialHub we track all @activitypub dev opportunity.

E.g. at

We want to thank our EU MEP fedizen @echo_pbreyer as great advocate for #fediverse in EU parliament.

"The Commission provides information to the public via various commercial, closed-source and centralised social media [..] accessible only to users who agree to legally and ethically controversial practices. Thus far, it has not provided [..] platforms that support open-source social networking protocols such as #ActivityPub [..]"

#privacy #foss

@NGIZero @activitypub


@humanetech Now a world where officials listen to experts and strive to provide value to everyone while preserving their freedom, is a world I want to live in!

@kakure yes, certainly and I do to. We are all there to remind them of this world if there's doubt about direction in the ways it is being built :)

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