Google will determine and store the location of any Wi-Fi access point whose SSID (name) does not end with "_nomap".

Thanks for the link.

@kakure @cadadr


And, as always, they are not even hiding it.

Imho it should be a confirmed optin. Something like ending with _googleisallowed.

@hans Unfortunately, when Google managed to convince the general public that they want to be watched, it wasn't by obtaining their informed consent first.

@kakure For something like that to be effective in, say an apartment complex, I’d bet everyone would have to add _nomap otherwise there’d just be one less ssid

Well I guess that won't work as both of them expect to have this _optout and _nomap at the end of the SSID.
But there is just one ending, right? ^^

So probably its the best to hide your network completely
@kakure @cadadr

@fatuus I suppose it is up to debate whether data about a Wi-Fi access point count as "personal data".

@kakure I'm going to start indexing wifi names unless they put _lolmap at the end of the name, now.

@kakure @cadadr I will record everyones location, if you want to opt out please change your legal name so ur name ends with dontmapmepls. -joke

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