Hello everyone, this is Karina! I’m starting new here and I have zero friends T___T I’m looking for everyone who want to be friends with me, also my members too! If you see this toot please unflop me, thank you so muchie! 🥺

Note: I speak ENG, but if you use another language I’m okay with that. We can be friends!

@dobbwy I haven’t had breakfast yet. This morning it felt so busy that it made me forget to have breakfast, even though my members had reminded me...

@karhina you need to eat, noona. your debut is just around the corner, right? You should take care of your health! noona should eat! Especially eat breakfast to gain a lot of energy for today!

@dobbwy How sweet, Dobby... Thank you so much for your reminder. Okay I’ll take care of my health by not skipping meals. Please keep it on your mind too, oke?

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