Hello everyone let’s talk with this lonely Karina 🥺

@jjh Hi Sunbaenim! Nice to see you around here, whatchu doin rn?

@karhina eumm pretty good i think? How about you Karina?

@Jenniez Same as you! My day went well I was busy with practice because it was close to my debut schedule with Aespa. Unnie have you ever heard about my group which will debut soon?

@karhina of course i have! Can't wait to see your debut with aespa members 😍

@karhina i'm so glad to meet my unnie here! yesterday i didn't see my unnies and i'm so lonely here ㅠㅠ

@yizhuoning I saw Winter! But I didn’t have time to say hello because it was rush hour and couldn’t talk much here. If you meet one of our members, please let me know...

@karhina ah- i also saw winter unnie but i forgot to say hi to winter unnie :" yup! i'll tell unnie if i found the other members

@yizhuoning Sadt. Let’s find our member, and have fun together here!

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