( Please anyone tell me is it safe if we use this platform? Some people spread the news that their email account was hacked and this made me panic a little. )

@karhina you can check your google account. don't be panic if it's only your device that signed to google account //

@eunseoo There is no sign that my account was hacked unnie. I think everything is fine, but still the news that people are spreading makes me feel uncomfortable. T___T

@karhina i feel uncomfortable too with that news. we must do research to find the truth, don't accept the news fastly. hope our accounts are not hacked //

@hwa jir serem banget hyung. Terus elu gimana.. delete account ini nggak?

@harruto gue pengen tp ini gue nyoba log in via web gabisa mulu.. untungnya emailnya ga terlalu penting sih. Elu gimana? #

@hwa JUJUR masih maju mundur dah gua mau delete atau enggak hyung. Tapi email yang gua cantumin di sini emang gak penting jadi gua gak terlalu ngebut buat delete account. {}

@harruto klo selama email aman ga pening yaudah gas aje... walaupun agak bikin panik. itu pada reminder klo emg bikinnya pake email yg penting, tkut kenapa kenapa 😢 #

@hwa UDAH GUA UNL DAH. BELOM BERANI ON.. ntar gua follback —3—

@harruto akun elu kan juga, abis di kith jeki 🤭🤭🤭🤭

@hwa @wooseok Nah aku liat ini tadi... percaya gak percaya tapi dia juga gak bisa buktiin kah kalau emg dia hampir saja kena hack?

@karhina @wooseok tp itu dia lagi buktiin ada yg masuk ke devicenya???

@karhina @hwa gini, pengguna di sini udah rame dari jaman kapan tapi aman aman aja tuh gimana?

@wooseok @karhina ya klo masih ragu aman apa ngganya tonton aja dulu. Itu baru beberapa yang speak up.

@wooseok Kinda tired. If this platform is problematic but they’ve been around for 4 years right? No one made a fuss before.

@karhina nah. i think they just bla blah being envy seeing other's happiness.

@wooseok What’s wrong with them really T___T They’re like the ones that force us to use blue birds, I still use them but blue birds are annoying enough!

@karhina [ I think you should use two authentication factors on your email so it won't be hacked easily. Also don't use the same password for your email. Every platform has its weaknesses and we should take precaution. ]

@dowoon Thank you Dowoon oppa! Really everyone make me feel confused :c

@karhina yeah, every platform is unsafe actually. That is why you should not use personal data and also always use two factors authentication just to be safe.

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