@dowoon Thank you Dowoon oppa! Really everyone make me feel confused :c

@wooseok What’s wrong with them really T___T They’re like the ones that force us to use blue birds, I still use them but blue birds are annoying enough!

@hwa @wooseok Nah aku liat ini tadi... percaya gak percaya tapi dia juga gak bisa buktiin kah kalau emg dia hampir saja kena hack?

@eunseoo There is no sign that my account was hacked unnie. I think everything is fine, but still the news that people are spreading makes me feel uncomfortable. T___T

@wooseok Kinda tired. If this platform is problematic but they’ve been around for 4 years right? No one made a fuss before.

( Please anyone tell me is it safe if we use this platform? Some people spread the news that their email account was hacked and this made me panic a little. )

@jisookim Unnie... 🥺 unnie juga gemes banget loh padahal! :blobmiou:

@heejinloona Same with you! My day went well I was busy with practice because it was close to my debut schedule with Aespa. Have you ever heard about my group which will debut soon, Heejin?

Splendid evening, bless your timeline with my low–quality–predebut–pict! ✨ By the way will you tell me how was your day today? :blobcatcoffee:

@ssehun Lagi have fun with this new app : D how about you?

@ASAHl Okay! We will work hard and try not to disappoint everyone who has been waiting for us!

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