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Anytime anyone talks about #decentralization based on #blockchain and web3.0, all i want is to remind them that #fediverse exists and is already doing that. The problem is that people dont know about the fediverse and arent educated enough to leave their corporate platforms, given that they don't know why they should leave the (toxic) cushion of their platforms.

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This month we still need €213 to cover all costs for mstdn.social, misskey.ai, mastodon.coffee, pixey.org, catgram.co and more, more more! :cat_hug_triangle:

Ofc I'm gonna do my best to pay it all but since everything is soo expensive already I could use every bit of help.. ❤️


Please think about supporting, if not me perhaps your own server admin :cat_hug_triangle::fediverse:

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Bitwarden is a free open source password manager for computers and mobile devices. You can follow their official accounts at:

➡️ @bitwarden@fosstodon.org (main account)

➡️ @bitwarden@tilvids.com (videos)

➡️ @Bitwarden@pixey.org (photos & clips)

Their website is at bitwarden.com

(New post due to additional official accounts)

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#TIL that the #Debian team has put some considerable effort to deploying federated services: wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianSo

Nice initiative! Especially for the instances of services you don't see quite often around like Matrix, Jitsi, Plume.

Long life the #fediverse!

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Phew, 3 separate PRs over the last couple days to fix EXIF image orientation data in thumbnails, and to optimize EXIF stripping!

Why have we spent so much time focused on EXIF data, you ask? Well, here’s why it’s important:

Many images floating around on the internet contain EXIF tags, which are little extra pieces of information encoded into the image, beyond the actual pixels that you can see.

Some of these tags are useful, because they can tell you how the image should be displayed (whether it should be rotated, for instance, when it’s shown to a user).

However, many of the EXIF tags are not very useful for just viewing an image, and some of them are downright dangerous because they can reveal the exact place and time the image was taken, and what kind of device was used to produce it. For example, ever wonder how Facebook knows where your pictures were taken? Usually that’s because your GPS coordinates were written into the image when you took it with your camera!

When you upload an image to GoToSocial, though, it removes this EXIF data entirely, keeping only the useful stuff like orientation/rotation tags. This means that no matter where your photo ends up, people can’t use the EXIF data to figure out where you were when you took it, or what kind of phone you have. Hurray!

GoToSocial also removes any EXIF data from images it retrieves from other instances. So even if another software implementation doesn’t remove this data, GoToSocial will!

GoToSocial has removed EXIF data since the very first alpha release, so this is not a new feature or anything, just something that’s received a bit more polish and attention lately :)

(With all that said though, luckily most other Fediverse servers also already remove EXIF data for their users, so this is by no means unique to GtS. Phew!)

Relevant PRs:




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If you're screening your follow requests, it's probably not a good idea to reject or block someone just because their profile picture is empty.

There are many blind people on the Fediverse who don't use profile pictures. For example, the writer Robert Kingett at @blindscribe doesn't use one.

The most reliable way to screen accounts on here is just to read what they have posted, as this better reflects what kind of account they are.

#Fediverse #FollowRequest #FollowRequests

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If you’re worried about your health data being misused by period-tracking apps, you can take steps to protect yourself.

Find out more on how to erase your data by following the link below.


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Steam Deck stuff, Bungee community manager being weird, birbsite screenshot 

Why are people assholes

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Happy #cakeday #OpenStreetMap folks!

9th August is celebrated by awesome communities around the world as the official anniversary [0] of OSM, that being the date the domain name was registered.

We're now 18 years old! #OpenStreetMap18

Congratulations, and thank you to all the folks who map it forward, for OpenStreetMap, and Free geodata.

Photo of a cake from #OSMBD #Bangladesh, the first community to celebrate #cakeday last week.

[0]: openstreetmap.org/wiki/Birthda

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Plumpy Uprising got a store page

"Plumpy Uprising is a roguelite tower defense game featuring unique elders, random upgrade choices and a constantly shifting map. The difficulty increases every time you beat the (...)"


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I'm enjoying Mastodon so far, but there's one or other feature I really miss. So I cobbled a couple of userscripts together to add them!

Userscripts are client-side modifications can be used through browser extensions like Grease / Violentmonkey. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to alter the //@match if you're not at .art.

I'm going to throw everything related into this thread so it's easily mutable because I bet you didn't expect to see this kind of geeking coming from a random art profile! 🙃

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