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Venezuelan businessman Alex Saab (who circumvents criminal US sanctions to help the gov't provide food boxes for the Venezuelan people) was detained in Cape Verde under US orders.

He says he was tortured and forced to sign a "voluntary" extradition order

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We tried to warn you. Biden was going to be worse. Y’all voted for fascism to fight fascism. Here’s hoping you learned your lesson. twitter.com/daviss/status/1382

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@StatusCoup@twitter.com @JonFarinaPhoto@twitter.com Holy shit this is so fucking crazy.

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"Slash their tires so they can't drive away if you need to!" Cops in Minnesota created a warzone-like state and arrested protesters, along with media covering the events in a highly disturbing night.– @JonFarinaPhoto@twitter.com fearlessly reports.

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@thehill@twitter.com Oooookaaaayyy...

@SpeakerPelosi@twitter.com, this you?

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Can you imagine the outcry in the West if China were planning to release 1.25 million tons of radioactive wastewater into the ocean? The hysteria levels would be off the charts.

But hey, it's Japan, so apparently it's all good.


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Brooklyn police manual advises that a taser should not be used against people “whose position or activity may result in collateral injury” — including people who are “operating vehicles.” Mr. Wright was sitting in the driver’s seat when Officer Potter fired a gun. 26 year vet huh

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Multinational corporation Unilever (who owns Ben & Jerry's) hired private security to brutally put down a strike in S. Africa (rubber bullets, pepper spray, paintballs). twitter.com/Breaking911/status

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Not that you are very special. You have plenty of company!! Almost your whole party is against healthcare justice! Pretty awesome, huh? Must be nice to have been educated in Oxford—studied where healthcare is guaranteed as a human right, yet work so hard now to deny care! (1/2)

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My prediction was this video would have 25K views by end of the night!

Sitting at about 20K currently! Who hasn’t yet retweeted this with comment?!♥️♥️

.@RepDerekKilmer@twitter.com hi!! Just think how much coverage you are getting as Chair of New Dems & NOT co-sponsoring !! twitter.com/kennyballentine/st

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Why does a "safe and effective" vaccine require legal immunity?

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BREAKING: Minnesota court sent Daunte Wright’s COURT NOTICE TO THE WRONG ADDRESS then issued a warrant for his arrest.

Now he’s dead.
The court sent it to the wrong address.
Case number 27-CR-19-29850

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Brain DEAD
inhuman describes how
@CAgovernor@twitter.com DIZZY
use of emergency power as mean Childish behavior he doNt care that Mask = HARMING essential workers most at HighRisk for brain damage & lung disease
Calling for Dee Dee Meyers

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There is no "clash". This is a militarized force attacking civilians. twitter.com/AndrewMannix/statu

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Reminder: The NYPD budget is larger than the DPRK’s entire military budget twitter.com/1800spoiled/status

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Feels like "head of the Boston Police union is a child molester and they knew" should be a bigger story, I guess it got drowned out by the other stories about police being murderers

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A little something to restore your faith in humanity 🤗

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No need for 5 more months in Afghanistan, you neocolonizing pieces of shit.
Get the fuck out now.
Then get the fuck out of the rest
of the 150 countries you're in.

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