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48-50, the bill is blocked. Government funding runs until 11:59p Thursday

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Why do they see this exponential growth potential? Prion Disease Treatment Market – Global Industry Trends and Forecast to 2028 | Data Bridge Market Research databridgemarketresearch.com/r

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@JenniferMarguli@twitter.com Israel now has close to 65% unvaxxed, up from 19% two days ago. How? Those that do not take the boosters are counted as unvaxxed. So now it’s a pandemic of the unbooster vaxxed?

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@jaww2357@twitter.com @Mike__Oliver@twitter.com @Notyour28981739@twitter.com Coincidence? childrenshealthdefense.org/def

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The Prime Minister has opened Pandora’s Box. 7.5k comments in 2 hours. Scrolls of people posting about serious vaccine side effects and deaths along with scathing criticisms. The censors are going to be busy tonight.

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@viewspotnz@twitter.com From an army doctor.

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@seth_keegan03@twitter.com Yet the guys who left an arsenal and cash for the Taliban don’t get so much as a pink slip. Smh.

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@seth_keegan03@twitter.com Millions of us stand with LtC Scheller. God protect our brother. What can we do?

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BREAKING: LTC. Scheller, the Marine commander who went viral for speaking out against what was happening in Afghanistan, was incarcerated and sent to the brig today. He went from being a Battalion Commander to a prisoner for demanding ACCOUNTABILITY and INTEGRITY for Afghanistan

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@GeoDavenport@twitter.com Having worked in the environmental nonprofit sector of Washington state, where the lines between the nonprofits and the party are quite blurry, I can testify that the Democratic Party of Washington State is a machine where business speaks with a very loud voice.

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@GeoDavenport@twitter.com @SuperTwaddle@twitter.com State affilliates have apparently been controlled for quite awhile.

In 2016, WV Berniecrats passed a progressive Platform that threatened the grift that Manchin and his fossil-fueled cronies controlling the State Party have been working for decades ...so they NEVER PUBLISHED IT!

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@mtaibbi@twitter.com Why the hell would they think they could say otherwise?!?? It's fairly incontrovertible at this point, let alone the last half a decade they've been doing this sophomoric gaslighting attempt

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They funded it, so of course. Is this really a question? twitter.com/MarkCauley/status/

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Ballparking a bit here, but the military budget has gone from roughly ~$5 trillion/10 years to $8 trillion/10 years -- the difference/increase is roughly the cost of the Biden domestic spending agenda


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@FilmThePoliceLA@twitter.com thank you for putting up with this shit for the rest of us to be informed

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@BruceLeeJackson@twitter.com @FilmThePoliceLA@twitter.com I’ve never seen anything from ya that would make me think you’re not probably one of the better people in this town. Oh, can someone get him a go pro please?

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