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🚨 NEWS: Democratic leaders appoint coal baron head of climate policy.


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@Alec_Zeck@twitter.com I Talked To Pfizer The Other Day... They Told Me They Have No Idea When COMIRNATY Would Be Available...

They Also Said The FDA Approval Does Not Impact Their Liability Status... They Are Still Exempt...

Mandatory Profits... Zero Liability... Nice Hustle...

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Walter Reed does not have any COMIRNATY vials. According to my understanding, the military does not have any COMIRNATY shots available— period. The shots available are still under EUA, which, according to my knowledge, means Service Members can *legally* decline them.

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AI Jared will be there are if you're in the area, YOU SHOULD TOO. twitter.com/ai_jared/status/14

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@hextacles@twitter.com You didn't know that?

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NY elected official, who apparently talks to the planet, is making eugenics cool again in 2021.

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@jacobcabe@twitter.com I doesn't matter what side of the fence you are on this..WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? These are top SCIENTIST'S and if they have a problem with the "science" or rather with the POLITICS, I will take 2 minutes and put biases aside and listen.

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@jacobcabe@twitter.com Guess the real scientists and engineers didn’t agree with “the science”

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BREAKING: More than 100 scientists, nuclear engineers, and others will be fired due to a vaccine mandate at Los Alamos National Laboratory

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healthy food should not be a privilege, it is a human right. That must include food that is not only healthy but also produced in ways that are holistic, regenerative, & just. It is not just the final product that matters; the process, and all of its impacts on the world, matter. twitter.com/CFSTrueFood/status

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Texas Senator Hall Shares What He Believes Is One of The Biggest Problems We Face...

Big Pharma's Liability Exemption Granted By The Federal Gov...

Personally... I Believe There Would Be ZERO Mandates!

If The Manufacturers & Businesses Imposing Them Could Be Held Responsible..

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The Stand Up For Assange comedy night tomorrow in Washington DC is sold out, but it can be live-streamed at the link below. It will be feature me, @CredicoRandy@twitter.com, @MaxBlumenthal@twitter.com
@JohnKiriakou@twitter.com, @jafferkhancomic@twitter.com, @naomikaravani@twitter.com & more. youtube.com/watch?v=d8-jI2noB0

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Tyson Foods wants to fire lifelong loyal workers who have religious or medical accommodations. They decided to play games w/ their employees & engaged in bad faith with my firm about it. Hence, I am now looking at taking cases against Tyson Foods pro bono. barneslawllp.com/contact

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Natural immunity needs to get some lobbyists and line some pockets if it wants to get any respect. twitter.com/JordanSchachtel/st

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“Cold” worse than covid is sweeping the world.

Unvaccinated unaffected...

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@Artsy_Marxist@twitter.com I know they’ve done this for years with certain metals like copper and aluminum and even oil. They would keep it on a ship anchored I believe. Read an article on this years ago. I think they also stockpiled it in warehouses. The govt does buy up reserves to keep the price stable

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i just saw a video of an automated port on tiktok where corporations intentionally not unloading shipments to drive up inflation

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