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RT Your a good man doing a great service for your community. Of course the community responded. Keep up the good work and keep them cops on their toes, William may be recording.

RT How can we help you get a new phone?


Shoutout to y’all for bailing me out. Walking outside to a group of people was humbling as fuck. Means so much to me.


This is the same engagement, shot from the other side. Politicians forget we only agree to be policed by consent. There are some mining-strike communities in the UK where the police are still loathed forty years on. Scale up that hatred across cities.🤦🏼‍♂️


I think Australia has miscalculated. This is not a matter of cops playing referee between Antifa and Proud Boys paint ball skirmishes. This is a genuine popular uprising from across the entire political spectrum. They can't maintain control without resorting to draconian tactics.


This is just wrong. It may be how a cult or the Occult grows. GOD may have to step in.


Today a fellow University of California physician was fired for not receiving the vaccine, in spite of the fact that the UC had granted her a lifelong religious exemption. Does this sound like a First Amendment violation to you?


LAPD Police Officer II Officer Carlos Quintero #43304 who has an open investigation against made $348,020 in 2020 ($201k in base pay, $13k in OT, $30k in health benefits, $10k in other pay, $94k in retirement). He is one of the arresting officers of William. 🚨


Here’s what happened:

Heard sirens. LAPD was responding to *code 415, MAN W/KNIFE*.

I get to scene and begin filming. Suspect handcuffed. His knife and a pole were on ground. Suddenly cops come to me and tell me to drop phone and they handcuff me.


RT That’s absurd. I have been following him closely. He is brilliant and nothing he has said has been misinformation.

RT Welcome to the Gestapo


Well, that's that. has decided that a Director of Medical Ethics at a major institution is not allowed to talk about ethics.


The Church of Corona.


What the hell? St. Fauci😝😝🤪

RT Probably the most wholesome thing I'll see all day. Thank you for standing up to the bully. Well done to the delegates that supported the move as well.

RT Cuba a tiny island country has more integrity than so many nations. I love that she got a standing ovation, israhell got a slow stand up

RT Well done Cuba for exposing the politicisation to divert criticism away from Israel.


Israeli representative forces every a moment silence for holocaust, immediately after that, watch what Cuban representative does…


never been angrier in my life for not coming up with an idea for first

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