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Happy #InternationalDesignDay!

Our colleague @kelp has written this amazing post on diversity, design & opensource

"We want to banish once and for all the myth that Free Software and Design cannot go hand in hand, that it is not viable to use these types of tools professionally.

And we want to do it without leaving anyone behind, even at the expense of the Goddess of Performance and the God of Productivity."

#DesignForEachAndAll #IDD2021

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"Queremos desterrar de una vez por todas ese mito de que Software Libre y Diseño no pueden ir de la mano, de que profesionalmente no es viable usar este tipo de herramientas"

¿Qué pasa con las herramientas que necesitas usar si quieres dedicarte al diseño? ¿Es el software / hardware una barrera de entrada?

Nuestra compañera @kelp habla de este temazo y de
#OpenSourceDesign en este post.

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Penpot is out! Your new Open Source design and prototyping platform.

Try it now! #DesignFreedom 🎨 🎉


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