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This is how I'd imagine bones would grow if they weren't constrained by the shapes of animals in which they are embedded.

This #lichen (1cm wide) is at the end of its seasonal growth cycle.

#macro #macrophotography #photography

"My cat has emerged from my weighted blanket and doesn't know when or where she is."

AI art, metallic opalescent sphere thing in ocean 

I don't know what this is but it came out really nice XD

"an iridescent opalescent blob on the bottom of the ocean floor, photorealistic, DLSR, octane render, 8k, cinematic lighting"


it is helpful to take notes when you’re in a meeting

„Urban Weed Awards” – congratulations to all the winners! 🌱
Installation by miguelmarquezoutside in Sydney, Australia

There's a blackish-brown bird that flies into my kitchen almost everyday through the back door, which is usually open for the dog and cat. It just toodles around and exits happily without persuasion. No idea why.
Just thought I'd share.

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