Writing async code without a garbage collector is an awkward beast.

I don't often see people using Reagent and *not* following the single-state-atom pattern, but it can be done :)

You know you're up late when you feed starts getting filled with messages in languages that you do not speak.

Currently craving baked beans.

I don't actually like baked beans.

I crave nonetheless.

Just got the first crop of lettuce transplanted from the seeding tray to the hydroponics system.

...I have no idea how we are going to eat this much lettuce.

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Slingcode is a personal computing platform in a single html file. Written in #ClojureScript


I'm not a huge fan of after-hours deployments - especially big ones.

About twice per day, I walk past a door a little too close and snag a belt loop on the door lever. My legs are exactly the right (or wrong) height.

Trying to get my kids to understand the Monty Hall problem. After illustrating it by using a toy and 3 bedroom doors, they get it! :D

Ach! I've started writing my JavaScript as if it were Go...

I really want to learn Bulgarian (I know just a tiny bit, but I would love to know it much better). Any good resources out there?

Really good, scalable front-end development is probably the hardest technical problem I have ever worked on.

About half of the time, my nonverbal daughter rolls across the floor humming/singing the Mandolorian theme song. It is pretty awesome.

The present is the sum of all past events.

Does do motion capture? I'm super new to rigging and animation, but it would be awesome to use Blender for this :D

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What's nice about participating in small, un-established communities is how you have the ability to significantly impact their evolution. You matter :)

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New podcast episode is up, and it's the 1st part of an interview with Paul Davis, founder and lead developer of Ardour, free/libre digital audio workstation.


Topics: the outcome of the long rewrite, project financials, the GTK exodus, usability testing, and more.

Edited transcript of the 1st part of the interview is available here:


2nd part is currently scheduled for the next week.

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