The efforts to “live with COVID” and just giving up on wearing masks are really paying off.

For the love of fuck, wear a mask.

@thomasfuchs yeah...

What I wonder about, though, is how does the "Deaths" graph look? And, sadly unavailable, "Hospitalisations". That's the big question: is this wave different because people are better protected by vaccines/immunity?

@rysiek deaths are always several weeks delayed, exactly how long depends on the virus strain.

As people ignore safety and ignore vaccinations (only maybe 1/4th of the population got the booster), and the virus mutates, immunity will likely get worse over time.

Even if it’s just a “mild case” you get when you’re vaccinated, you have 20-40% chance of long COVID.


@thomasfuchs @rysiek Hospitalization is also a "lagging indicator". (my Flagpole link in this thread)

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