planted a citronella plant this evening 🌿 I put red clover seeds on top of the clay loam I filled in around the potting soil, and I put a few seeds on top of that potting soil too. I put grassy mulch on top of both.

rained today, first time in about a month! Oh, I put some compost in the hole before I put in the plant. I watered the plant a little bit before pulling it out of the pot, but most of everything was soaked by today's rain.

A reason not to do any edging: sparks from the concrete started a fire!

Got tired of backing up Baloo, which took too long, and I didn't even know what it was. I saw some people having a tough time with Baloo years ago. and

The ArchWiki pointed me to disabling Baloo. I went into the System Settings. (See the screenshot.) Baloo is just a feature that I don't use but pay a lot of time to duplicate. I just left it enabled but added its directory to my exclude file. (rsync)


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