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Replicant is looking for volunteers to add support for the “GSD4t” GPS chip

please #boost :-)

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Some data must stay private.

That's why we are building Tutanota: the secure email service that protects all your secrets! Check it out now:

playing at Athens Cine a few times this week—a movie about a French college student who sought out an service when France outlawed it: (YouTube via an Invidious instance)

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Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it:

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while EU is drafting a new law for #chatcontrol,
Briar remains p2p, protects your social graph by using Tor by default and uses e2ee (end to end encryption) for every message by default.
Learn more about Briar:

Unfortunate #Briar is currently only available for #android.

A desktop client is in an active development and a beta version is already available for testing.
get Briar Desktop beta:

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Veloren is a free open source open world role playing game, sort of like a cross between Breath Of The Wild and Minecraft. You can follow at:

➡️ @veloren

There are online multiplayer options, and you can host your own server too.

It's available for Linux, Mac and Windows from the official website at

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🐠 Artist: 🐟 in - City : , Argentina 🇦🇷 - Title : "El fin de la Era de Piscis" -

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We made for you, the #fediverse.

This represents more than just Pixelfed, and we recognize how important it is to remain unbiased and not use this to further our own project.

Our long term goal for is to turn it over to a reputable, non-profit organization if possible!

Your feedback is invaluable and has helped shape the project thus far, let us know what you think about this!

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Diverse Explosive (feat. Lyrics Born) Diverse
One A.M. Chocolate Industries 2003 USA2P0503454

9:18 PM
People Under the Stairs - Swan Fever
Fun DMC Piecelock 70 2018 USA2P1929921

9:14 PM
Amad Jamal - Spread Love (feat. D.U.)
Barely Hangin On: The Chronicles of a N*gga Like Rodney King

9:11 PM
Gabriel Teodros - East Africa
Lovework MASSLine Records 2007 USAK70700007

9:08 PM
Sole - every single one of us
New Single

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I think 23 characters is the length of the link shortener on Twitter.

On Masto you get the same length without having to actually shorten the link.

Link shorteners are a problem for privacy because whoever runs them can monitor link clicks etc. That's why Mastodon doesn't use them.

Actually, they're saying Unwound's Repetition is from 2013, but it was originally from the early 90s. I looked at the album in my friends' apartment!

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show on right now. might be last show of semester or forever if the student is graduating! I guess 5 minutes left. some decent new music! METZ - Get Off, Royal Mountain Records 2017, Blacklisters - Sports Drinks, Fantastic Man Blacklisters 2020, Exhalants - Bang, Atonement HEX RECORDS 2020

A reason not to do any edging: sparks from the concrete started a fire!

"The Lijadu Sisters ... were identical twin sisters from Nigeria who were a Nigerian music duo from the mid-1960s to the 1980s. They achieved success in Nigeria and had modest influence in the United States and Europe. They were notable for being a West African version of the Pointer Sisters who mixed Afrobeat sounds with jazz and disco, according to one source. Since the late 1980s, they retired from the music scene. They were cousins of popular Nigerian musician Fela Kuti." (Wikoped)

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