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hey, i want to connect a few accounts together. Kolektiva media is a peertube instance for anarchistic content. Their introduction post is available in multiple languages, if you want to reach a specific audience.

@and @queeranarchism @yac_ct @hambibleibt @abcdd @enough14GNU
@enough14GNU @queeranarchism @hambibleibt @yac_ct @and @abcdd @kolektiva

hm, can you try to search for this URL for… ? for intstance in the webinterface?

as you are both on mastodon, this should work and lead you to the user profile which you can follow. If it doesn't work, it might be because one of the instances blocks.

@endegelaende @queeranarchism @hambibleibt @yac_ct @and @abcdd @kolektiva Usually it works, but today mastoson.inline keeps asking me to log-in at and reject...

Hey 😀

@enough14GNU @queeranarchism @hambibleibt @yac_ct @and @abcdd @kolektiva

fyi, peertube moderation stuff:…

work has been done upstream to improve on that topic:…

however some important stuff is still missing, i know people who are working on improving this situation. If that work will be successful is unkown.

i will publish that/notify you when i know more. For know, you probably should:

1) use only whitelist federation, is *probably* one of the safer instances to work with (=good moderation at least)
2) consider to disable peer2peer connections in your account settings to prevent evil people/states to aquire the IP address of visitors by also watching the videos in peer2peer mode.

cc @wohnraumfueralle
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