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Framed #68
🎥 🟥 🟥 🟥 🟩 ⬛ ⬛

❌ rain
❌ Watchmen
❌ Train To Busan
✅ *hidden***

Awake! 🤗 Good morning fedi/masto! Don't stop until the goal is reached!!! 👍

I'm aways happy when I hear someone say "home" or "day off" :ablobcatrave: 🎉

What a fantastic day! 😁 I feel sooo good, I have super powers today!! 😁😁😁

Story about my mountain bike ride of today! 😁 First, my gps out-front mount broken 👍, then the accu of my phone drains faster then normal 👌 Why? also the back and front camera didn't work anymore after my first photo i've taken, rebooting my phone, but then I realize that i staying in a swarm of mosquitoes 😘🦟 I drive fast away with the phone in the hands, wasn't convenient 🙃 Actually, I missed the storm/rain to get the romantic for a mountain biker 🤷‍♂️


🤩 EASY Check list for everyone 🤩
💪 Use HTTPS websites and VPN OR Tor
👊 Do not over-share personal data
👍 Install Linux with various privacy features
🤘 Install Snowden-approved operating system Qubes or Tails
👏 Turn off (3th party) cookies and JavaScript
👌 Turn off location when not needed (📱)

There are people that posting toots the whole day 🤯

You need to add in your bio of your mastodon account, so it can indexing in the search engine of 😎 🤙 :mastodon:

Now I'm official a user! 🎉 Someone here that know a nice group to join me? 😁

Finally I found out why i have heel pain every morning! Am I doing something wrong with my warm-ups! I do my warm-ups with my socks on and I spring sometimes on the hard ground. Bad for the heels! 😱
I thought I was running too much 😅 I think its time to buy some gym shoes 😁 👟

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