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Strength training done! 👊👍👏💪

But the accu of my heartrate monitor is to low to detect my heart rates, I hope isn't broken 🤔🙏🔋

my sister is really lazy, she sleeps over 11 hours every night😅 shame!shame!shame!😂

Good morning! Gonna to work over 5 minutes 👋😀

This week looks great 👍 let's back to be a champion again! 💪 :catjam:

It doesn't matter that it's raining now on my day off 🌧️ I had a heavy week at work, time to rest and yes, i need it! 🥱 🙂

Good morning! I have day off :catjam: , but weather is 👎 same for the next few days 😵

Good morning fedi 😁👋 I'm woke up early and preparing for work again! 😝

Good morning 🌇😴 I'm woke up and preparing for work 😕

Good morning! Its raining 😲🌧️ it will be a bit fresher 🙂

How do you deal with the heat? 🥵 Now I'm right next to the air conditioner 🥶 😇

Tomorrow gonna be very hot ☀🌡️and I ask myself is it danger to go for a bike ride in that hot weather 🤔

I was thinking what i should to do today, running or mountain biking. I think i go for the mountain bike 🚵 😎

Yesterday I found out that my running technique is like poop 💩 I need to work on it 😜

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