My minivan will email me when it's at an 1/8th of a tank but I can't figure out how to get an in-car low fuel notification.

Less is more sometimes. Just ding when I'm driving.

I've, mostly, stopped living on Twitter. Definitely still probably a "heavy" user, but much better balanced than before.

Between that, pairing down who I follow, actively asking "would my reply here provide real value beyond feeding my ego", my life is definitely better.

I seldom think any tech by definition is toxic, but it is easy to spiral out into toxicity there.

Oklahoma has the absolute worst drivers.

Worst case? Ugh, this is just sensational mess. Abbots of monasteries used to be "for life" and now are generally simply open-ended. An abbot leads until he doesn't believe it is best for the community for him to continue. It's been fine.

It is a shift for sure and this is all just rumor of folks reading the tea leaves, but if it comes to pass, the world and the Church will continue on just fine.

@chris all good. Just a follow-up post-asthma but out of town.

@chris An urgent care clinic in a small town. Which might be the same thing.

Just heard the dial-up tones! It is still used!

@chris Understood. We've fixed some of the things we could find after looking at your initial reports but were never able to replicate the incredible difference you were reporting.

@chris I haven't used it, but we've been putting a lot of work recently into VideoPress. It's tied into Jetpack for now, but likely have a standalone variant in the near-ish future. Not sure if it checks the boxes you're looking to check.

There's something about my in-laws house where I just can't stay awake while here.

@ericmann I haven't watched E1 of SNW. Overall S2 of Picard didn't do it for me, but the last episode won it a lot of points.

Could have done it all in... 4 episodes though.

@chris it feels like magic. My use case isn't important though—put on a baseball game on the iPad and use UC to let me play/pause without having to reach over to it.

@chris Bitwarden has been nice for us. My wife still doesn't use it primarily (using local Apple keychain or the browser store), but at least for shared accounts, it's been good to us.

What mobile app is the jam with Mastodon? I downloaded what looks like the "official" one but I believe I heard that's a new player in the game.

@chris the special settings also messes with Universal Control with iPad scrolling. Needed to disable the app and remove the Accessibility access to be able to use the scroll wheel when the cursor was on the iPad screen.

@chris That's amazing. The watch I have now changes my step count goal based on past performance (e.g. more steps I do in a day, the higher the goal tomorrow, etc).

My goal is around 6500 and hit it maybe 50% of the time. :-/

@chris If you were able to fully pull yourself away, eh. I wouldn't jump back in either I don't think.

@chris The Linux guy on my team has enjoyed Framework. DIY module-based hardware.

I'm still on Android and use a lot of Google services, but venturing off more and more slowly.

I'm here for now. I'll likely move to self-host sooner rather than later (already self-host my matrix), but might as well play around for a little bit on someone else's server to start.


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