Having a day off. Gonna watch anime most of the day :3

Launch week for Amnesia: Rebirth lived through, think I can slowly get back to normal life again 😅 Have taken Monday and Friday next week off, and then Monday week after that as well.

Quite nice to have a few long weekends and short weeks ahead to rest up

One thi g I really like with Frictional Gamea are things like this - We recently released Amnesia: The Dark Descent and A Machine for Pigs source code as open source. Feel free to poke around here: github.com/FrictionalGames/Amn

And here: github.com/FrictionalGames/Amn

More info on the blog: frictionalgames.com/2020-09-am

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My first time at the new job has been a lot about orchestrating the release of the new Amnesia game - Amnesia: Rebirth

We finally released a trailer revealing our release date, have a look! youtu.be/NST1KLFwNnI

I am looking for a home in the fediverse. Trying out mastodon.online as a general larger instance, but deep down I want to find a great smaller place where the local time line is populated with great people and great stuff.

Is there such a place for a game dev, aikidoka, art lover? Feel free to recommend me places to be, or to boost.

What's on your reading list today folks? :)

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Which behavior do you like best when displaying details and various reviews and statuses for a book after clicking "More Details" in the search results?
Also, how might screen readers handle each?

I'm aiming for a good solution between #accessibility and usability.

This behavior will likely be used on both search results and items on shelves.

#UX #design #boostsWelcome

Time to do a ! Name is Robin. I'm a (most known for AER Memories of Old). I've headed my own game studio for 8 years, doing everything, but mostly game design, business, project lead and story writing.

After a year journey into AAA development I am back at indie as the Studio Manager of Frictional Games.

I enjoy and discussion about most things really

I like#cats, I cook , a lot, try to and practice .

Pleased to meet you!


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