I am looking for a home in the fediverse. Trying out as a general larger instance, but deep down I want to find a great smaller place where the local time line is populated with great people and great stuff.

Is there such a place for a game dev, aikidoka, art lover? Feel free to recommend me places to be, or to boost.

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@Gina it's a tough choice :D Between and fosstodon at the moment

@krumbukt I'll second

I love it here! My only wish is that it was a little more active, but that change begins with us :)

Also remember to redirect your old profile when you move so that your followers come along with you!

@Lambdanaut Man, it's a tough choice :D Between and fosstodon at the moment

@krumbukt maybe go with fosstodon if you're looking for a straightforward experience that just works. Due to gamedev.places relatively low user count, there are lots of user feeds that aren't immediatelly available for viewing without opening their pages in a separate browser window which is annoying on PC and very frustrating on mobile.

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