Is there anyone who would like to be mutual with me? Please do reply or simply boost this toot and I'll follow you!

Psh, please do follow me back, though! :ablobcatattention: :ablobcatattentionreverse:

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@kseulgi Good afternoon, Seulgi Senior. Dropping a greeting here because I'd like to be your mutual!

@ljy Good afternoon, Juyeon! Dropping a response here because I'd also like to be your mutual! 😜

@kseulgi Great, haha. Now we've become a mutual! Pleased to meet you, Noona.

@Yeeji A bit late, but it's better to be late than never. Have a nice day!

@nyu Hen-lo there, Chanhee! Mind to follow me back, perhaps?

@kseulgi already did! and anyways, have a great day c:

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