Links that contain buttons.

Just when I thought I had seen it all.

Apple maakt goed spul, maar het mag echt wel goedkoper. MacBook en iPhone moet ik vervangen door nieuwer model, maar als ze duurder blijven worden moet ik toch echt aan alternatieven gaan denken.

De oudste Europese Ragassen die ik kan vinden.

Eind !500 in Spanje

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Last night’s Small is Beautiful livestream is now up on our site with transcript, captions (and new for this week), links!

We started discussing the National Rail greyscale “mourning” accessibility issues and so much more.

OMG is out for Windows!!! (I also have a Mac license, but yeah....)

Using my iPhone as an hotspot for getting internet on my Mac is kinda... buggy? If connection is lost, reconnecting is very difficult. Have to switch between two phones. Ugh.

A question about not-underlined links. This is a fail under 1.4.1 Use of color. But technique G183 allows links to be not underlined if it meets contrast thresholds. Even if the contrast thresholds are met, would it be still OK to fail it?

When you get sent your favourite Italian song and it leads to listening the whole evening to Italian music.

Mi manchi, Italia. Mi manchi.

It's is the Pilot Capless (or Vanishing Point) in Carbonesque/Graphite blue. I chose an F-nib and it indeed gives a very fine line!

I quite like it!

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Voor degenen die Aldfaer gebruiken: ze waarschuwen voor gegevensverlies in 9.0 en 9.1 en roepen op om terug naar versie 8.1 te gaan.

Second day of for me kicked of with on SVG's.

Next up: on how to be a villian....

Second day of for kicked of with on SVG's.

Next up: on how to be a villian....

Semantic HTML can't be stressed enough.

Luckily there are nifty tricks to achieve that, as shows.

Thank you for your awesome answer to my question about grid and progressive enhancement after your talk on grid, !

Grid and flex are very new to me, as are feature queries. But I am going to google around and start experimenting!

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