RIP Sir Clive Sinclair. Thank you for the PC's you made, dad loved them. He even made a display for them and was the first seller of them in the Netherlands I believe.

I never used them, but I do have great and lovely childhood memories of me and dad cruising around in the C5.

Watching the Matrix.

Meh, I don't think I am a fan.

I like subtlely showing my hobbies, interests or celebrity crushes when making an audit report. On a news app I picked articles on Queen Margrethe and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Does anyone else does this? Asking for a friend :P

Nu ABBA weer in het nieuws is: een leuk feitje/weetje: wisten jullie dat Anni-Frid een prinses is?

Now that ABBA is back in the news, I have an interesting fact for you! Did you know that Anni-Frid is a Princess?

First day back at the office! Really missed real life contact with colleagues :D

Update: I talked about it with her and she likes the idea! Next Friday we have our first "session" together! :D

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De Musical Uitmarkt gezien. Geen interesse in de musical Diana en Zonen, maar misschien wel Zodiac!

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Anyone some good movies or tv-shows to recommend?

I wish people understood AD(H)D better.

- “oh well, we all forget things/make mistakes
- “just try do better”

Is infuriating. Immensely infuriating.

Sitting and working outside on the balcony. Life is good :).

My preference is the realistic style, but it would be fun to discover my own style. To experiment. The prospect is exciting!!

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I really want to learn to draw/paint. My neigbour is quite artistic, but also a lonely widow. The plan is I am going to ask her if she wants to teach me or at least wants to regulary draw/paint together (where she gets to be Da Vinci and I draw stickfigures).

Should be fun for both us and solve her (and also mine, to be honest) loneliness.

Hou je van enge, vreemde verhalen? Lees dan mijn nieuwe blogpost: Verhalen die BOE gaan in het donker -

Ochtendploeg: ik heb een blogje geschreven over het feit dat ik niet meer met Windows als besturingssysteem werk:

De pagina over mijn setup is ook aangepast:

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