Hi @HollyCantTweet@twitter.com ! I got a notification for your gamingchannel, but the video is apparently set to private now?

Next week will be the last week of my current job. Sadly, it seems very likely that I will have to say goodbye to my co-workers virtually because of new restrictions of the goverment

And it will make an akward start at $NewJob if I can't go to the office.

Dit vinden jullie misschien wel leuk, @kulturtankster@twitter.com en @doeninberlijn@twitter.com : Britse studente die recent universiteit in Berlijn is gaan doen en daar dus ook woont: recentste video's gaan daar over bit.ly/3lJrVCE

Nu NL dus lockdown heeft, zal Bels wel volgen. Kan niet anders. Vrijdag zullen we het weten, dan is er een persconferentie.

This song. Right in the feels.

"I have wandered, far and wide
for something real, some thing to die for
but I have found you, and you do not see
All that is me, all that is true

I am more than you will see,
I am more than you will need,
I am more than you will see,
More than wanted

I am more than you will see,
I am more than you will need,
I am more than you will see,
More than wanted"

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Ik heb de Over Mij-pagina aangepast op mijn website, met een rijtje feitjes. :)


If any fan would like a great youtube channel hosted by an awesome woman of colour, check out Café Con Lego!


New co-worker started. He has a small background in IT and webdesign as well. He mentioned he had a nice book for me that I could use and keep. He is a keeper.

I think I am going to use lists and rethink on who I follow on both Twitter and Mastodon, but especially Twitter.

My Twitter timeline has become very political. And I totally understand that, the rights of minorities are being breached.

But it is very taxing to read, and that's why I haven't been very active on Twitter (or Mastodon, for that matter).
I may not be a great ally because of that, but if I continue I will go to a bad place mentally. And I don't want that.

Fantastic song. Have played it a lot since I discovered it.

The message. Her voice, her anger, her passion. It's so raw. So pure.



Going to watch the Tour de France and build something with Lego.

Geen Herben Dijkstra en Maarten Ducrot als commentator bij de Tour? 😢 @NOSwielrennen@twitter.com

Geen Herben Dijkstra als commentator bij de Tour? 😢 @NOSTourdeFrance@twitter.com

Tourstaren. Gaat een aparte Tour zijn, dit jaar. En ik vraag me serieus af of Parijs wel gehaald wordt.

Jammer van het parcours, want het is wel een parcours om het klassement spannend te houden.

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my mother tried dating after she and my father got divorced. it was pretty rocky. she had a string of three or four ugly relationships before finding a good one. but i have to say i'm pretty pleased with Mom Beau No. 5

Peeps, if I follow someone problematic and I am not aware yet, please inform me.

Ben op dit moment wel helemaal klaar met de samenleving.

Maar ergens kijk ik er ook niet van op dat mensen zo kortzichtig, egoïstisch en verwend zijn.

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