I'm no Democrats nor Republican,and Trump I don't know and don't care,and Biden well that can be tough to say but Harris,that a little lesson learned from her,now don't get me wrong,I rather stay home and not vote,but I think about it.

Well since Sunday is coming to an end it looks like life in the westside is the best reason on a weekend,but since Sunday is coming over here in a matter of hours,we got to be there for a reason,let hope life will be more better then what happened the last days on the weekend.

Well the world has changed a lot,and so many times I really realized it time for a change,a new revolution in a society where democracy lives on,but now it becoming a part of a challenge where one day historical events and eras is the earliest reason to start living and learn them,but now it becoming more then just a little less then a little lesson....

It all comes out a lie,and now it time to take the day to take it seriously.


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